Recessed Matting

Matting solutions made to fit into your existing flooring, providing you all the benefits of durable and functional mats while maintaining a seamless aesthetic. 

Debris Trap Modular

These mats are made with a tough PVC vinyl combined with absorbent polypropylene carpet inserts. These flexible and durable mats are designed to lie flat in recessed wells, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor areas with high foot traffic. The ideal combination of drying and scraping in an easily-installed snap-together format.

Starting at $4.99 /Sqft

cm viper 9100 drainage

Made with a Z-web patterned PVC vinyl, CM Viper 9100 Drainage and Runner Matting is extremely functional, stable and durable. Its web-like texture is comfortable underfoot and removes dirt, grime and moisture from shoes. The unbacked design allows water and other substances to drain through the mat efficiently.

Starting at $25.00/Sqft

3M NOMAD 9100

A entrance mat used in recessed wells outside building entrances, this durable all vinyl floor mat has an open "Z Web" patterned surface. The open design traps dirt during the day and can easily be cleaned at night.

Starting at $50.96/Sqft

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GATEWAY recessed

Gateway is a low profile recessed matting solution that aligns with standard ceramic floor tiles and carpets to avoid the need and expense of creating a deeper mat well. A quick and effective recessed solution.

Starting at $57.40/Sqft

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vynagrip drainage

Vynagrip aligns with standard floor tiles and carpets with a low profile structure to avoid the expense of creating a deeper mat well. This mat offers anti-slip functionality, but  has also proven to have anti-fatigue properties.

Starting at $18.75/Sqft

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Using alternates rows of ribbed vinyl and carpet strips, this mat provices scraping power and a high-end look. Decalon fibers provide moisture and dirt retention. Smart Step with Decalon Matting can be placed directly on the floor or fits into most recessed foyers and is ideal in entrances or foyers.

Starting at $41.99/Sqft

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Alternating rows of ribbed vinyl and carpet strips scrape and dry foot traffic in entrance ways and foyers. The tough herringbone carpet design provides scraping and drying as well as top-of-the-line crush resistance. Place directly on the floor or into recessed foyers.

Starting at $52.99/Sqft

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High density coir mats are stronger with more enhanced performance capabilities. The firmer surface and higher density allows wheeled objects to pass through without digging into the fibres of the coco mats.

Starting at $16.75/Sqft

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The eco-friendly and natural alternative to your doormat, these mats provide a rich aesthetic to any building or home. Coco entrance mats are made by embedding natural coconut husk fibre into a PVC vinyl backing.

Starting at $10.00/Sqft

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Colored coco mats

These colored coco mats boast the same performance and functionality as the vinyl backed coco mats but offer the choice of various colors that are embeded into the PVC backing, leading to strong performance against fading and wearing off.

Starting at $14.00/Sqft

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