Designed for electric shock protection and prevention
Switchboard Dielectric Matting

Designed for Safety: Made to insulate and protect workers in high voltage areas from electrical hazards.

Shock Reduction: Effectively reduces the risk of electric shock around high-voltage equipment for enhanced worker safety.

Resistant Properties: Built to be ozone, flame, and oil resistant, ensuring durability under tough conditions.

Priced at $60.69 per sq/ft.


Non-Conductive Material: The PVC and nitrile rubber is an excellent insulation to protect workers from electric shocks.

High Voltage Protection: Perfect for areas that need protection with high voltage equipment like as electrical panels and circuit breakers.

Engineered for Safety: Safeguard your workers against electrical shock in high voltage environments.

Starting at $1,649.99 per roll


Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for job sites and construction projects.

Versatile Protection: Ideal for areas with high-voltage shock risk, enhancing safety.

Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, a smart safety investment.

Switchboard Anti-fatigue Matting

Insulating Design: Get essential insulation and prevent electrical shocks in high-risk areas.

Non-Conductive Feature: Avoid from being grounded and add protection against electrical shocks.

Exceptional Dielectric Strength: Features a Class 2 Di-electric strength of 30,000 volts, with a proof test of 20,000 volts.

Priced at $2,275.99 per roll



Safety at Every Step

Wanted to have a mat that will ensure safety while I'm doing eletrical work. Good thing these Switchboard Mats come in handy.

Max J.
Verified Buyer

Shock-Free Workspace

A must have for electrical safety to prevent shocks.

Ethan G.
Verified Buyer

Electrical Hazard Hero

These mats are our go-to for added protection and safety especially when we work at a hazardous work environment.

Bill W.
Verified Buyer

Safety Upgrade

We wanted to have a great work space and secure our workers. We got these switchboard mats as an addition to our floors to prevent electrical hazards. It's a great investment and safety precaution.

Noah M.
Verified Buyer

Reliable Insulation for Electronics

We have sensitive equipment in our area that we wanted to protect and these mats are crucial in achieving that. Thanks Canada Mats!

Jackson Z.
Verified Buyer