Protection against cold surfaces in busy freezer spaces
Unwavering Durability

Crafted for longevity in extreme cold, our freezer mats extend safety from kitchens to deep freezers with unwavering durability.

  • Engineered to withstand harsh temperatures, these mats offer reliable slip resistance and protection.

  • Ensures a secure environment for both kitchen staff and freezer storage.
Niru Versa Runner Matting
  • Resistant to harsh elements and chemicals like greases, oils, and animal fats.
  • Enhanced safety and comfort with its slotted perforations for effective drainage and have a ribbed underside for added anti-fatigue benefits.
  • Integrated with MicroStop anti-microbial rubber compound for hygienic and microbrial resistant healthier work environment.

Starting at $ 18.33 per sq/ft.

Vynagrip Safety Drainage Matting
  • Top-tier slip resistance for safety in industrial and commercial spaces where slip hazards are a concern.
  • International standards on optimal drainage and hygiene in workplaces with wet or slippery conditions.
  • Environmentally sustainable with its 100% recycled material and provides effective anti-fatigue benefits, improving comfort and productivity in work environments.

Starting at $ 21.04 per sq/ft.

Deep Freeze Freezer Mat
  • Ideal choice for harsh cold environments with its extreme cold resilience that can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.
  • Safety and reliability in critical cold storage areas with non-slip properties and durability even at extreme sub-zero temperatures.
  • Offers versatility for various applications suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments for a safe and stable surface.

Starts at $ 22 per sq/ft.

Cushion-Ease Open Mats

  • Optimal moisture drainage for slippery and wet environments
  • Added anti-fatigue properties and durable design with its rubber material
  • With secure and professional edging system for a secure, professional look. The adaptable design allows for a square edge, catering to different installation needs.

Starts at $ 16.33 per sq/ft.

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Cushion Tred Mats

  • Chemical and grease resistant with its rubber compound material
  • Efficient design for cleanliness and safety with its large hole drainage system for effectively removing liquids and debris from work areas.
  • Versatile and customizable for various applications with its on-site custom configurations, suitable for a variety of kitchen applications.

Starts at $ 23.33 per sq/ft.

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