Cushion Tred Mats


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  • Guards against chemicals, oils, and greases for a clean, secure workspace
  • Gain efficient liquid and debris removal through the large hole drainage
  • Offering customizable setups and improved functionality
Cushion Tred Mats
Cushion Tred Mats
Cushion Tred Mats
Cushion Tred Mats

Cushion-Tred Matting is made from a resilient rubber compound that can withstand many of the commonly found industrial chemicals, cutting fluids, oils, and greases. A large hole drainage system facilitates the removal of liquid and debris from the work area.

Multiple mats can be affixed together with optional connector strips, and the modular design is compatible with the NoTrax® M.D. Ramp System for on-site custom configurations. Cushion-Tred Matting has grease resistant rubber compound withstands industrial greases, cutting oils and chemicals. Cushion-Tred Matting includes large hole configuration facilitates drainage and resists clogging. 

Cushion-Tred Matting's A nitrile version is also available for use in food processing applications. Cushion-Tred Mats have squared, not beveled edges. Cushion-Tred Mats have modular design which is compatible with NoTrax® 551 M.D. Ramp System and can accommodate a variety of custom configurations.

Material Natural rubber
2'x 3'; 3'x 3'; 3'x 5'
Usage Intensity Heavy duty
Overall Thickness 7/8
Environment Wet/Dry and Oily Areas
Recommended Use For placement in manufacturing plants, production lines, assembly lines, CNC machines, metal working for individual workstations and custom work platforms
Weight Lbs/sqft 2.5
Fire Rating US Pass
REACH Compliant Reach compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
Premium Modular Flooring
Resilient Rubber Compound

Crafted from a superior resilient rubber compound, Cushion-Tred Matting stands strong against common industrial chemicals, oils, and greases.

Its large hole drainage design ensures efficient removal of liquids, preventing workplace hazards. With the ability to easily connect multiple mats using optional connector strips, customization has never been easier.

Experience unmatched durability with our Cushion-Tred Matting, expertly crafted from resilient rubber and designed for versatile configurations.

Adapting to Industry's Demands
Enhancing Safety Across Industries

Whether in standard settings or food processing units with the nitrile version, Cushion-Tred delivers unmatched durability and flexibility.

Designed to endure the challenges of diverse industries, this matting solution provides reliable traction, cushioning, and resistance to chemicals and debris.

✅ Industrial Workspaces
✅ Manufacturing Facilities
✅ Food Processing Industries
✅ Automotive Workshops
✅ Commercial Kitchens

Ergonomics and Efficiency Unified

Anti-Fatigue and Efficient Drainage

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