Ground Protection
Rig Mats

Find access in tough terrain
Built For Canada

Your best option for value, strength, and customization. The CM Viper Deck mats provide an excellent alternative to plywood and other wooden options that splint and rot, creating hazardous work sites.

These mats provide access in tough terrains, protect expensive turf, are easy to attach together and stand up to the toughest environments.

Ship fast and available in many configurations.

Starting at $10.00/SqFt

A worthy alternative
Dura Deck Ground Protection Mats

Available in the 4’ x 8’ size and ½” thickness, the Dura Deck Mats are similar to the CM Viper Deck Ground Protection Mats.

The mats come from our partners in the US and are a good alternative to the CM Viper Deck mats if stock in Canada is unavailable.

Starting at $11.00/Sq Ft

Perfect for Outdoor Events
Hexa Deck Mats

Lightweight and portable, the Hexa Deck Mats are perfect for outdoor events with a mix of foot and vehicle traffic.

Each Hexa Deck tile is manufactured in a hexagonal shape that naturally provides tremendous strength and versatility, without the necessity of adding significant amounts of material or weight. Unlike square modules, Hexa Deck’s hexagonal design avoids the structural weakness associated with a 4-way joining point.

Starting at $11.67/Sq Ft

strongest on the market

MegaDeck HD composite matting is the strongest, best engineered interlocking panel system on the market today.

These heavy-duty composite mats are designed specifically for high-traffic work sites, such as power transmission, oil rigs, and construction sites.

Fast and Easy Event Flooring

ClickDeck is engineered to provide a durable temporary floor that helps protect your natural grass or synthetic turf. Rest assured that while you are creating the ultimate event venue in your stadium or grassy area, you’ll temporarily preserve your grass or prevent damage to your turf.

Starting at $7.50/Sq Ft


Safety Systems

Our time-tested wood pads provide resilience and durability coupled with simple maintenance. Our pads are designed with laminated wood on the basis of required strength, with either Premium Baltic Birch or Econo Southern Yellow Pine.

We’ve been perfecting the process since 1991 to create world-class wooden pads for our satisfied customers. Our premium wood pads typically have a life span of up to 10 years with proper usage.


50% of crane failure or total collapse is from improper use of outriggers. A pro-active safety approach is using outrigger pads on all set ups. The outrigger pads will displace & reduce the PSI the ground “sees” from the point of contact of the outrigger/shoe/ float/pontoon on the equipment.

The outrigger pads will also remind the personnel at the jobsite to make sure the outrigger system is being used & used correctly.