Floors that withstand extensive use and heavy impacts from gym equipment.
perfect for home use
Titan premium rubber gym tiles

These rubber gym mats not only protect your floors from dropping weights and heavy machines, but also give you the traction for a safe and confident workout.

Starting at $5.00/sq ft.

Designed for easy installation in Home Gyms

Need flooring for your commercial gym or professional facility?

Ensure your facility can withstand extensive use with these durable long lasting options made out of vulcanized rubber.


Your Ultimate Fitness Solution

Made with non-porous surface that's designed for easy cleanup reduced maintenance.

Starting at $3.96/sq ft.

Perfect for Weight Rooms & Fitness Facilities (Smooth/Speckled Finish)



Unparalleled Durability and Performance

Designed to be a long-lasting, high-performance floor that's versatile and anti-slip.

Starting at $12.92/sq ft.

Perfect for Sport Courts, Ice Rinks & Fitness Facilities (Marble Finish)



Unparalleled Resilience and Traction

Shock-absorbing, dual-layer, non-porous design for intense athletes and environments.

Starting at $23.04/sq ft.

Perfect for Sport Courts, Ice Rinks & Fitness Facilities (Speckled Finish)

Vulcanized ProductsVulcanized Products Urethane Bound ProductsUrethane Bound Products
Durability Durability Hard wearing and durable With heavy/continuous use product deteriorates
PorosityPorosity Does not absorb liquid Liquids (water, perspiration, sport drinks) absorb into pores between rubber particles
Finish/SealersFinish/Sealers Not required Required to close pores from absorbing liquids
MaintenanceMaintenance Smooth top surface makes mopping/cleaning easy Rough/porous top makes cleaning more difficult - mops 'stick' to it
CleanlinessCleanliness Does not harbour bacteria Porous surface allows bacteria to penetrate and spread

What is Vulcanization?

Vulcanization is the process of transforming raw rubber into a durable cured material through cross-linking of polymer chains under high heat and pressure.

How is Vulcanized Flooring Made?

End-of-life tires are recycled into tire crumb rubber, which is molded and vulcanized under high heat and pressure to create the final product.

Premium Flooring

Designed for enduring quality and environmental friendliness, offering noise reduction for a quieter, more comfortable space, even under heavy use.

Starting at $4.92/sq ft.

Ideal for Gyms, High-Traffic Walkways, Industrial Facilities, and Livestock Trailers

Heavy-impact absorption

Protect your flooring from dropped weights and heavy equipment. Gym flooring tiles create the perfect environment for maximum performance.


Made to provide optimal grip and high resistance to wear, even after years of intensive use.


Made with a non-porous surface, helping repel liquids to minimize clean up, odour and maintenance.

Dual-layer Vulcanized Rubber

Made with dual-layer vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized materials are more durable and have superior mechanical properties. Available in the ProXL and ReAction Flooring

need extra protection and sound-dampening?

Protect your gym and equipment from even the most intense weightlifting activities

Drop pads

Specially designed to reduce the noise and vibrations of athletes dropping weights during training. Drop pads are essential for a workout that require weights.

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