Step into safety and confidence with our Traction-Focused Mats, meticulously crafted to prevent slips and falls in dry areas.

CM Viper Ribbed Runner Matting
  • Made of ribbed rubber
  • Durable mat that protects the ground and fallen equipment from potential damage
  • Must-have for various commercial and industrial spaces

Starting at $1.93/sq ft.


For Superior Grip and Ergonomic Support

Pyramid Runner

  • Made of non-directional 1/8" thick material
  • Embossed backing for skid resistance
  • Meets flammability test requirements
  • Ideal for industrial facilities

Starting at $3.41/sq ft.

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Diamond Rubber Runner Matting

  • Made with recycled rubber
  • Tough but economical mat
  • Multi-directional and slip resistant
  • Ideal for manufacturing plants and assembly lines

Starting at $4.76/sq ft.

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Diamond Plate Vinyl Industrial Runner Matting

  • Made with 100% PVC Material
  • Industrial strength and slip resistant
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial environments

Starting at $6.21/sq ft.

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Ribbed for Traction, Smooth Safety and Ease

Wide Rib Rubber Runner

  • Made with rubber
  • Combined rubber and ribbed surface for enhanced grip and slip resistance
  • Perfect for heavy traffic

Starting at $3.13/sq ft.

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Wide Rib Vinyl Runner

  • Made with vinyl
  • Increased traction with ribbed surface
  • Economical protection in industrial applications
  • Perfect for moderate to heavy traffic

Starting at $4.99/sq ft.

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V-Groove Corrugated Vinyl Runner Matting

  • Made with vinyl
  • Rib-tooth design for improved traction
  • Low profile matting for easy on/off cart traffic

Starting at $3.97/sq ft.

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V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner Matting

  • Made with vinyl
  • With silencing effect over noisy tiles
  • Use as a liner for maintenance and tool carts

Starting at $5.53/sq ft.

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Vinyl Corrugated Runner

  • Made with vinyl
  • Tough work surface protection
  • Economical runner mat for high traffic industrial spaces
  • Exceptional wear and is resistant to most acids and chemicals

Starting at $3.97/sq ft.

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Smooth Rubber Matting

  • Made with smooth rubber material
  • Eco-friendly material with 43% recycled content
  • Conductive Mat for Static Safety
  • Minimizes the risk of electrostatic discharges
  • Protection for High-Tech Environments
  • Keeps your industrial work surface smooth and safe
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Excellent matting
Bought this for my picture framing shop as we are on our feet all day. This matting is simple and comfortable. Hope it lasts many years.

Gerard G.
Verified Buyer

Great quality and service
Love the mats.. Customer service was very helpful.

Suzanne M.
Verified Buyer

Fatigue Bubble Mats
These mats work great and are definitely worth the cost. They are very durable.

Jacco S.
Verified Buyer

Amazing Floor Mats
Amazing company and product! Quick service, custom floor mats, and great pricing.

Ivan S.
Verified Buyer

The service was excellent
The service was excellent...and the quality of the mats looks really good.

Deborah K.
Verified Buyer

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