Smooth Rubber Matting
Smooth Rubber Matting
Smooth Rubber Matting

Smooth Rubber Matting


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  • Invest in Smooth Rubber Matting for a durable, smooth, and safe work surface
  • Embrace sustainability with its eco-friendly composition and recyclability
  • Comes with reliable static dissipation and optimal safety practices

Smooth Rubber Matting is a durable work surface or runner mat that keeps your industrial work surface smooth and safe. Made eco-friendly, the Smooth Rubber Matting is made with 43% recycled content and is also recyclable at the end of product life.

Roll Thickness Roll Width Roll Length Weight per Linear Foot
3' 75' 1.5 Lbs
4' 75' 2.0 Lbs
1/4" 3' 75' 3.0 Lbs
1/4" 4' 75' 4.0 Lbs
Conductive Mat for Static Safety
Smooth Rubber Material

Discover the ultimate solution for static safety with our Smooth Rubber Matting.

Designed to effectively dissipate electrostatic charges, this Conductive Matting provides reliable protection in critical environments.

With a resistivity of less than 106 OHMS, our ESD-Safe Runner ensures secure grounding and minimizes the risk of electrostatic discharges.

Our dry area floor mats not only offer exceptional cushioning but also improve traction and stability, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Safeguarding Electronics
Protecting High-Tech Environments

These mats are designed to provide a smooth, safe, and static-free work surface, making them suitable for any industry or environment where electrostatic discharge protection is essential.

Some common applications for these types of mats include:

✅ Electronics manufacturing facilities
✅ Server rooms and data centers
✅ Laboratories and cleanrooms
✅ Assembly lines and production areas
✅ ESD-sensitive environments

Supportive Workspace Solutions

Dry Area Safety Mats

Standing for prolonged periods can lead to health issues, but with our dry area safety mats, workers can experience reduced fatigue and better posture.

Create a safer work environment with the dry area safety mats and how they contribute to improved performance, enhanced morale, and a healthier work environment.

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