For a healthy facility

anti-fatigue & safety matting

Critical in production and warehouse facilities, these mats provide visual guidelines on the floor, traction, and anti fatigue properties that keep the employees and visitors safe and feeling less fatigued through out the day.

Perfect for small areas
Work Station Mats

Perfect for individual work stations, these mats provide relief from hours of standing still upon cold hard surfaces.

These mats provide a subtle flex that allows the user to adjust their feet through out the day, which increases blood flow through the legs.

need to cover area with regular spills?

To create a safer work environment free of slip and fall accidents, get our interlocking drainage mats that keep water off the surface level. The mats also provide additional traction and anti-fatigue properties.

Perfect for assembly lines
Anti-fatigue Runners

Made to cover large areas in a straight run, these mats provide clear sight lines on the floor as well as anti-fatigue and anti slip properties.


Mats for switch board areas are specifically designed to ground the current and protect the equipment. Get your's below: