Gymnastic Mats

Mats for all levels of gymnasts. Designed to the highest standards with safety in mind.

1-3/8” Cross Link Foam Mats

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Combo Gymnastic Mats

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Landing Mats

Use these landing mats for extra protection and safety during jumps and flips. Made to absorb higher levels of shock, these mats will give you confidence when perfecting landings.

Competition landing mats

These mats are made of a top layer that provides stability for good footing and a bottom layer that absorbs impact from falls and throws. This makes these mats ideal for intermediate to expert level gymnastics.

Skill Level: Beginner to Expert Athletes

Starting at $22.02/sq ft.

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Throw mats

These Throw Mats are made out of heavy-duty 18 oz, vinyl that can offer extra cushioning that is ideal for a more protective landing. These mats are great for absorbing jumps in activities such as gymnastics.

Skill Level: Beginner to Expert Athletes

Starting at $15.54/sq ft.

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Safety Cushions

Safety Cushions are made with a honeycomb foam and vinyl surface to offer durability and ultimate landing protection. These mats' thickness and shock absorbency are perfect for preventing injuries during gymnastics and cheerleading training.

Skill Level: Beginner to Expert Athletes

Starting at $41.63/sq ft.


Other Gymnastic Mats

For beginners or general use, these mats provides a safe learning and practice surface.

All-purpose tumbling mats

These all purpose mats are perfect for beginners that are learning to fall and tumble. Constructed out of rebonded foam and designed to provide the most amount of cushioning and impact absorption. These are ideal for general physical activities.

Skill Level: Beginner Athletes

Starting at $8.90/sq ft.

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varsity exercise mat

Made out of 2” 100 ILD polyurethane Foam, these mats provide a very firm and stable surface. They are great for general exercises such as aerobics, but are not ideal ideal for impact absorption sports involving falls and throws.

Skill Level: Beginner to Amateur Athletes

Starting at $9.88/sq ft.

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