Stay warm and keep walkways clear without having to shovel snow all winter.


The snow melting heated mats are specifically designed to take a beating from the harsh Canadian weather and automatically melt snow, so that you don’t have to get out the shovel and engage in hours of back breaking labour.

Cozy Products Ice Snow Melting Doormat

Cozy Products are excellent as they eliminate dangerous icy conditions and save yourself from hours of snow shoveling work.
Use the Ice & Snow Melting Mat to keep your entrance a safe and inviting place even in the worst weather conditions.

create the perfect
snow melting system

Forget the shoveling this year
heated floor mats

These mats are an efficient alternative to space heaters by acting as personal foot warmers and maintaining perfect temperature with their built in thermostat. They are a smarter, safer and more affordable way to stay warm and cozy.

make your snow melting system tick

Snow Melting Mats require at least 1 GFCI Power unit to plug into your outlet at home. Each unit can support a 13.5 amperage load.

The amperage load each mat pulls on the system is:

120V Stair Mat: 0.9 Amps. 240V Stair Mat: 0.45 Amps

120V Door Mat: 1.9 Amps. 240V Door Mat: 0.8 Amps

120V Walkway Mat: 3.4 Amps. 240V Walkway Mat: 1.7 Amps

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