Heated Floor Mats


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  • Offer cost-effective, gentle warmth for your feet - an economical choice for cold spaces
  • Waterproof mat that provides cozy, circulation-boosting experience for warmth
  • A smarter alternative to traditional space heaters
Heated Floor Mats
Heated Floor Mats
Heated Floor Mats
Heated Floor Mats
Heated Floor Mats

These Heated Floor Mats are made from a heavy duty rubber. These mats are an efficient alternative to space heaters by acting as personal foot warmers and maintaining perfect temperature with their built in thermostat.

Heated Floor Mats offer direct, absorbed heat to your feet, for a fraction of the operating cost of a space heater and is safer to use. They are a smarter, safer and more affordable way to stay warm and cosy; especially for basements, offices, cold floors and more! Unlike normal space heaters that get dangerously hot and use a lot of energy (between 1,500 to 2,500 watts), the Heated Floor Mat uses just 90-135 watts and stays safe to the touch; all the while offering dependable heat straight to that part of your body that loses heat the fastest: your feet! and this will help keeping the rest of your body warm. So turn down the thermostat, and plug in your Heated Floor Mat.

  • Heated Floor Mats offer direct radiant heat to the feet and legs which will warm them up. As the feet absorbs the warm heat, blood circulates from the feet to other parts of the body, warming up the entire body and giving it that beautiful cosy and toasty feeling.
  • Made from a heavy-duty rubber, these mats are waterproof and offer direct, gentle heat. They are also excellent for drying your shoes and boots and can be used outside as well.
  • Save money by keeping your thermostat lower, these heated floor mats use similar wattage to a light bulb and will help you stay comfortable and just use pennies a day.
  • These heated mats are safer an more economical than a space heater as the space heater has a tendency to get too hot. These mats have a built in thermostat which maintains the perfect temperature to keep warm and toasty.
  • Can be used anywhere that is cold and chilly like in basements, garages, industrial locations, warehouses, offices, homes, Furthermore, these heated mats have been used by machinist, bank tellers, toll booth operators who has to spend long hours on their feet or in colder environments. These heated floor mats will come to the rescue whenever you have to spend time in a cold place and will keep you warm, safe and comfortable.
  • These mats have anti-fatigue benefits as well.
  • Heated Mats come in Black Colour only with a neutral finish.
  • They are portable and light-weight and have a 5 ft. cord.
  • They heat up to 125 F or 49 C.


Model Dimensions Weight Watts Amps
Small 21" x 14" x 1/4" 6 lbs 90 0.7
Large 36" x 16" x 1/4" 11 lbs 135 1.2

Space Heater vs Heated Floor Mats: 

Space Heater Heated Floormats
Energy Use 1000-1500 watts 90- 135 watts
Cost per hour of operation 0.09$ -0.12$ per hour Less than 0.01$ per hour
Cost per week (8 hours a day) 4$ per week 0.35 per week
Savings 15$ per month, 180$ per year


Caution: These mats cannot be used on carpets.However, you can use a cardboard under this heated mat to use on a carpet. Furthermore, these heated floor mats should not be used for pets as they warm up to a higher level than a pet's body temperature of 102°F.

Not recommended for direct use on carpet, hard wood, linoleum, or other delicate surfaces.

Warranty: 6 months

Perfect Temperature and Comfort
Reliable Rubber Material

Experience warmth like never before with our Heated Floor Mats, crafted from reliable rubber material ensuring durability and consistent heat distribution.

Safe to the touch and built with a convenient in-built thermostat, enjoy peace of mind alongside superior warmth.

Discover the dependable warmth of our Heated Floor Mats, designed for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Warmth in Any Setting
Versatile Heating

Our mats stand out as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional space heaters, consuming minimal electricity while offering optimal warmth to your feet, the area which loses heat the fastest.

Perfect for use in basements, offices, and on any cold floor, these mats make every space more comfortable and welcoming.

✅ Homes
✅ Offices
✅ Basements
✅ Garages
✅ Warehouses
✅Industrial Locations

Transform chilly floors into welcoming warmth

Heated Mats

Transition from cold to warm with ease with our Heated Floor Mats.
Make any area a cozy delight, ensuring your comfort all day long.


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