Playfall tiles

Cushion dangerous falls and reduce injuries

designed with children's safety in mind

The Playfall Mat system consists of the Playfall Tiles and Foam Playpads that are used in conjunction to offer four levels of thicknesses to match the fall heights of even the most extreme play areas.

Playfall Tiles

These 1.75" thick durable 2' x 2' recycled rubber tiles can be installed over a solid subbase or a well-compacted granular surface. They can be used on their own for 4 ft. fall heights or together with 1" or 2" Playpads for fall heights 6 ft. and higher

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Foam Playpads

Foam Playpads are used in conjunction with Playfall Tiles to increase absorption for fall heights 6 feet and higher. Availabe in 1" and 2" Thicknesses that can be used separately or combined for a total 3" thickness of shock absorption.

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Playfall Edge Ramps

Make transitions to playgrounds smoother and play areas more accessible with Playfall edge ramps. Available in a variety of sizes to match your desired fall height level or existing configuration.

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protection for all fall heights

From 4’ to 10’ fall height protection, playfall has the flooring solution for you. our products are designed to meet all safety requirements

4 feet fall height

6 feet fall height

8 feet fall height

10 feet fall height