Playfall Edging


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Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging

Discover our Playfall Edging, expertly tailored for both safety and accessibility. IPEMA certified for compliance with the highest safety standards, this edging solution ensures a secure play environment for children. Crafted from resilient SBR Rubber, it provides lasting durability against playtime activities and diverse weather conditions.

Our Playfall Edging is designed to make transitions to playgrounds smoother and play areas more accessible. Available in a variety of sizes, it seamlessly matches your desired fall height levels and integrates effortlessly with existing playground configurations. This adaptability makes it ideal for schools, parks, and residential playgrounds, offering a safe and inclusive space for all children to explore and enjoy.

Invest in our Playfall Edging for an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and accessible playground. It's not just a product; it's a commitment to providing a fun and secure area where children can play, grow, and learn. Enhance your play space today with Playfall, where quality, safety, and accessibility come together harmoniously.

CONSTRUCTION: Recycled rubber
SIZE (AVAILABLE IN ALL 4 FALL HEIGHT): 10"x 40" fits 1.75" [45mm] PlayFall Tile
10"x 40" fits 1.75" [70mm] PlayFall Tile
10"x 40" fits 1.75" [95mm] PlayFall Tile
2 pc - 20"x 40" fits 4.75" [120mm] PlayFall Tile

playfall safety surface system

Engineered for protection and peace of mind, it's where fun and safety come together seamlessly.

Long-Lasting for Safe Play
Made of Durable SBR Rubber

Designed to provide smooth transitions in playgrounds, our edging ramps are essential for creating accessible, safe environments for all children.

The SBR Rubber material ensures longevity, resisting wear and tear from both weather and constant use. These edge ramps come in various sizes to seamlessly integrate with any playground design, maintaining the integrity of your play space.

Long-Lasting for Safe Play
Adaptable Playfall Edging

This edging is designed to fit a variety of play environments, from school playgrounds to community parks. Its flexibility allows for the creation of inclusive spaces, ensuring children of all abilities can enjoy playtime safely.

The long-lasting material stands up to harsh weather and heavy use, maintaining its integrity over time. With easy integration into existing play spaces, our Playfall Edging is an essential component for any playground looking to enhance safety and promote inclusive play.

✅ Playground Safety Surfacing
✅ Accessible Play Area Design
✅ School Playgrounds
✅ Park Recreational Areas
✅ Childcare Facility Outdoor Spaces

Quality and Safety Assured
Certified with IPEMA

Our Playfall Edging sets the standard for playground safety, fully compliant with IPEMA's rigorous guidelines. Meeting IPEMA's strict standards, it provides a reliable and secure boundary for various playground configurations.

With a commitment to quality and safety, Playfall Edging is the preferred choice for creating safer, more enjoyable playground environments.

Complete Safety Solution

Maximized Protection and Accessibility for Every Play Area

Experience the ultimate in playground safety with our Playfall Safety Surface System.

Tailored for play areas of all sizes, our foam pads come in varying thicknesses, suitable for fall heights of 6 feet and higher, while the edging ramps provide an easy, safe passage to elevated play surfaces.


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