Playfall Edging


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Playfall Edging
Playfall Edging

Make transitions to playgrounds smoother and play areas more accessible with Playfall edge ramps. Available in a variety of sizes to match your desired fall height level or existing configuration.

CONSTRUCTION: Recycled rubber
SIZE (AVAILABLE IN ALL 4 FALL HEIGHT): 10"x 40" fits 1.75" [45mm] PlayFall Tile
10"x 40" fits 1.75" [70mm] PlayFall Tile
10"x 40" fits 1.75" [95mm] PlayFall Tile
2 pc - 20"x 40" fits 4.75" [120mm] PlayFall Tile

Black Playfall Tiles

Green Playfall Tiles

Red Playfall Tiles

playfall safety surface system

Playfall has the flooring solution for you. Our products are designed to meet all safety requirements

playfall tile

Perfect for playgrounds and play areas, this mat features a 4' ft fall height safety rating. The interlocking pin system makes these tiles easy to install and the porous surface minimizes maintenance.

foam playpads

Foam playpads serve as the base for playfall tiles and allow for higher fall heights. Use the 1" playpads for 6' ft fall heights, 2" playpads for 8' ft fall heights, and combine the 2 for a total 3" of playpad protection for 10' ft fall heights.

playfall edging ramps

Improve accessibility and offer a smooth transition between play areas with these edging ramps. Available in a number of options and configurations to suit your needs and existing setup

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