Foam Playpads


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Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads

Foam Playpads are used in conjunction with Playfall rubber tiles to increase absorption for fall heights 6 feet and higher. Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses, these 4' x 5' mats are used as the base for the Playfall Tiles.


  • 6' ft fall height: 1" Playpad
  • 8' ft fall height: 2" Playpad
  • 10' ft fall height: 1" + 2" Playpad (total 3" thickness)

Kids play hard, which means they fall hard too. Cushion dangerous falls and reduce injuries with these rubber safety tiles. Designed with children's safety in mind, Playfall mats comply with ASTM requirements for playground fall safety and is available in four thicknesses to match the fall heights of even the most extreme play areas.

Featuring a porous surface for easy drainage, these mats also eliminate potential health risks, minimize maintenance, and sustain your long-term investment in the safety of your users. Playfall mats provide the ultimate choice of safety and make sure you’re protecting what matters most.

Material 100% Recycled Rubber
Application Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds
Total Height 4.5cm (1 3/4") - 10cm (4")
Total Weight 28lb - 31lb
Tile Size 2' x 2'


4' Fall Height

6' Fall Height

8' Falls Height

10' Fall Height






Size (PlayFall Tile)

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

Weight (PlayFall Tile




20 lbs or 6.5 lbs/sqft

Size (PlayPad)


1” x 48” x 60”

2” x 48”  x 60”

1"+ 2” x 48” x 60”

Weight (Playpad)


0.85 lbs/sqft

0.85 lbs/sqft

 0.85 lbs/sqft


  • Durable 2’ x 2’ recycled rubber tiles with 12” x 12” cross-hatch pattern
  • Can be installed over a solid subbase or a well compacted granular surface
  • Easy to install with interlocking pin system for alignment
  • Tile edge adhesive creates a monolithic safety surface that’s not bonded to sub-base
  • Subsidiary structural tile legs (stanchions) allow for unrestricted water drainage away from sit
  • Eliminate health and safety concerns from buried objects and animal wastes
  • Eliminate risks and maintenance associated with displaced loose fill materials (i.e., wood fiber)

Black Playfall Tiles

Green Playfall Tiles

Red Playfall Tiles

playfall safety surface system

Playfall has the flooring solution for you. Our products are designed to meet all safety requirements

playfall tile

Perfect for playgrounds and play areas, this mat features a 4' ft fall height safety rating. The interlocking pin system makes these tiles easy to install and the porous surface minimizes maintenance.

foam playpads

Foam playpads serve as the base for playfall tiles and allow for higher fall heights. Use the 1" playpads for 6' ft fall heights, 2" playpads for 8' ft fall heights, and combine the 2 for a total 3" of playpad protection for 10' ft fall heights.

playfall edging ramps

Improve accessibility and offer a smooth transition between play areas with these edging ramps. Available in a number of options and configurations to suit your needs and existing setup

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