Foam Playpads


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Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads
Foam Playpads

Introducing our IPEMA Certified Foam Playpads, the reliable base of child safety for playgrounds and play areas. These pads are expertly crafted from 100% nonwoven geotextile, ensuring not only durability but also the highest level of protection against falls. Each pad meets strict safety standards set by IPEMA, offering peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

Ideal for various settings, including schoolyards, community parks, and private play areas, our Foam Playpads are designed to absorb impact effectively, minimizing the risk of injuries. The certification guarantees that these pads adhere to the most rigorous industry guidelines, making them a reliable choice for any environment where children's safety is a priority.

Easy to install and maintain, our Foam Playpads are a practical addition to any play space. They provide a safe foundation for play structures, enabling kids to explore and play freely. Choose our Foam Playpads for a safer, more enjoyable play experience, backed by the assurance of IPEMA certification.

Foam Playpads are used in conjunction with Playfall rubber tiles to increase absorption for fall heights 6 feet and higher. Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses, these 4' x 5' mats are used as the base for the Playfall Tiles.


  • 6' ft fall height: 1" Playpad
  • 8' ft fall height: 2" Playpad
  • 10' ft fall height: 1" + 2" Playpad (total 3" thickness)


Material 100% Recycled Rubber
Application Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds
Total Height 4.5cm (1 3/4") - 10cm (4")
Total Weight 28lb - 31lb
Tile Size 2' x 2'


4' Fall Height

6' Fall Height

8' Falls Height

10' Fall Height






Size (PlayFall Tile)

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

1.75” x 24” x 24”

Weight (PlayFall Tile




20 lbs or 6.5 lbs/sqft

Size (PlayPad)


1” x 48” x 60”

2” x 48”  x 60”

1"+ 2” x 48” x 60”

Weight (Playpad)


0.85 lbs/sqft

0.85 lbs/sqft

 0.85 lbs/sqft


  • Durable 2’ x 2’ recycled rubber tiles with 12” x 12” cross-hatch pattern
  • Can be installed over a solid subbase or a well compacted granular surface
  • Easy to install with interlocking pin system for alignment
  • Tile edge adhesive creates a monolithic safety surface that’s not bonded to sub-base
  • Subsidiary structural tile legs (stanchions) allow for unrestricted water drainage away from sit
  • Eliminate health and safety concerns from buried objects and animal wastes
  • Eliminate risks and maintenance associated with displaced loose fill materials (i.e., wood fiber)

playfall safety surface system

Engineered for protection and peace of mind, it's where fun and safety come together seamlessly.

Combined Cushion and and Safety
Made from 100% Nonwoven Geotextile

Experience the next level of playground safety with our Foam Playpads, expertly crafted from 100% nonwoven geotextile.

The unique geotextile material offers durability and longevity, standing up to the challenges of active play and various weather conditions.

Combined Cushion and and Safety
Foam Safety Solution

Transform play areas into zones of safety and fun with our Foam Playpads, the ultimate foam safety solution.

These pads are designed to provide a cushioned, safe surface for children's play areas, ensuring a soft landing and reducing injury risks.

✅ Playgrounds and Play Areas
✅ School Yards
✅ Park Recreational Spaces
✅ Backyard Playsets
✅ Indoor Play Centers

Highest Safety Standards
IPEMA Certified

Our Foam Playpads are meticulously tested to comply with rigorous safety guidelines, ensuring every leap and tumble is cushioned effectively.

These pads meet the highest safety standards, offering top-tier fall protection for children.

Ensure unparalleled safety in play areas with our IPEMA Certified Foam Playpads.

Complete Safety Solution

Maximized Protection and Accessibility for Every Play Area

Experience the ultimate in playground safety with our Playfall Safety Surface System.

Tailored for play areas of all sizes, our foam pads come in varying thicknesses, suitable for fall heights of 6 feet and higher, while the edging ramps provide an easy, safe passage to elevated play surfaces.


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