Wide Rib Vinyl Runner


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These Wide Ribbed Mats are available with a vinyl or rubber construction. Their ribbed surface increases traction while creating a barrier between users and hard flooring. These mats act as economical protection in industrial applications with moderate to heavy traffic.

Durable and economical, the Wide Rib Matting is the perfect rubber runner to provide your industrial workspace and your employees the all crucial protection. Eco-friendly, this runner matting is made from 43% recycled content.

  • Wide Rib Rubber Runner Matting features a durable rib design that improves traction, creates a barrier to cold flooring substrates, and creates a silencing effect over noisy tile.
  • Wide Rib Rubber & Vinyl Runner Matting is durable and economical protection
  • Wide Rib Rubber & Vinyl Runner Matting is available in 3 colors
  • Wide Rib Runner Matting is available in rolls with a roll length: 75 ft


Protect your floors and provide slip-resistance to increase safety in your work spaces.


This industrial strength matting features a diamond patterned vinyl surface. These anti-fatigue mats are slip resistant with beveled edges to reduce slipping.

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The pyramid runner is an extremely slip resistant mat. The pyramid shapes provide for the perfect surface for creating grip and stability while reducing fatigue.

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This economical runner mat offers tough work surface protection and increased traction. Made out of recycled rubber, it has slip-resistant properties.

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Increased traction

Extreme Durability

Anti-fatigue properties