Bigfoot Custom Composite Outrigger Pad - Lifetime Guarantee
Bigfoot Custom Composite Outrigger Pad - Lifetime Guarantee
Bigfoot Custom Composite Outrigger Pad - Lifetime Guarantee

Bigfoot Custom Composite Outrigger Pad - Lifetime Guarantee


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  • Protect turf and create roadways over uneven terrain
  • 1 double and 2 single connectors included with each mat
  • Ships from Canada
  • ust 1/7th the weight of steel, yet as strong as high-grade American steel
  • Resistant to water, corrosion, and conductivity
  • Designed for optimal resistance for long-term reliability

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Our Custom Composite is available in ½ inch increments in standard, custom, or premium black or safety orange offerings. Our Custom Composite is 1/7th the weight of steel with comparable PSI values to high-grade American steel. This material is exceptionally resistant to water, conductivity, and corrosion and is guaranteed for life.

Bigfoot has never had an outrigger pad returned because of failure. Our customer service representatives answer the phones live and the materials we use come from the United States of America and are regulated in the states for optimal quality.

Material: Custom Composite

Handles: Rope

Lifetime Guarantee: Yes

Shape & Size (Inches)
Thickness Weight Vertical Load Capacity (lbs) 45 Degree Load Capacity (lbs)

Crush Rating

Square 12x12 1" 5 lbs. 45000 22000 200
Square 12x12 2" 10 lbs. 48500 24000 500
Square 24x24 1" 20 lbs. 60000 30000 200
Square 24x24 2" 40 lbs. 80000 40000 500
Round - 36" Diameter 2" 70 lbs. 100000 50000 500
Round - 48" Diameter 2" 123 lbs. 130000 65000 500

Applications for our Outrigger Pads include:

  • Fire Trucks
  • Utility Trucks
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Cranes
  • Any Type Of Aerial Equipment

Bigfoot’s outrigger pads come in either Custom Composite or Wood and are:

  • Non-Conductive
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Chemical & Oil Resistant
  • Storage-Friendly
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Manufactured in many shapes, including round
Superiority in Every Composite Layer
From Ground Support to Towering Cranes

Bigfoot's Custom Composite Outrigger Pads are the gold standard in ensuring stability for the tallest cranes and heaviest equipment.

With a weight profile that's 1/7th of steel but boasts comparable PSI values, our pads redefine lightweight strength.

✅ Crane and Heavy Equipment
✅ Construction site machinery support
✅ Mobile concrete pump support
✅ Mining equipment
✅ Bridge construction machinery support


Support for All Terrains
Reliable Base for Heavy Machinery

When it comes to heavy machinery, a dependable foundation is a must. Bigfoot's Custom Composite Outrigger Pads offer that unwavering assurance.

Expertly crafted for diverse terrains, from rocky landscapes to muddy fields, these pads stand resilient. Their exceptional resistance to water and corrosion ensures longevity, even in challenging environments.



Our standard surface is smooth for easy interaction with the outrigger foot and is easy to clean before storing for the next job.


Rough grind of the pad for non slip surface on black or safety orange Custom Composite.


The engineered design of the safety grips greatly reduces the chance of slipping by interlocking when stacked. Big Grip also digs into the ground if there are icy or slippery conditions.


Our outrigger pads have been crafted to provide a safe job site from crane failures and collapses.


The perfect solution in maximizing stability for heavy duty work.


Bigfoot's custom composite blend was formulated for maximum compressive load ratings.


The mats have unique patterns that provide excellent traction, making it easy for machinery to move on any surface


These mats are designed to accommodate the weight of machinery as heavy as cranes and excavators


The mats' impressive durability and resistance to moisture ensure they last a long time

See our ground protection mats Transforming These SITES


Our Ground Protection Mats help spread out the weight of wheels and equipment. This stops them from sinking into the ground and damaging the grass. One big problem for grass is when the soil gets packed down too tightly. Viper Deck Protection mats help avoid this problem because they cover a wide area.

Our ground protection mats are tested to handle pressure up to 210 psi, which means they can safely carry heavy weights of up to 80 tons. They work well on grassy fields, sandy areas, and mixed stone surfaces for different uses.

Yes, you can use our ground Protection Mats on the ground, for protection and stability for all kinds of vehicles and loads. This includes big trucks, forklifts, backhoes, pickup trucks, and other heavy machines.

Questions, Inquiries, & Custom Quotes

For any questions, inquiries, or to get a quote on our Ground Protection Mats for your project, feel free to contact us below.

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