Deep Freeze Freezer Mat


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  • Thrives in temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Ensure safer workspaces, even on icy floors
  • Specially formulated rubber designed for longevity in freezing conditions
Deep Freeze Freezer Mat
Deep Freeze Freezer Mat
Deep Freeze Freezer Mat

Deep Freeze Freezer Mats are made of rubber and designed for use in cold temperatures. These non slip mats can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor applications such as food service and entrance matting. The Deep Freeze mat is the only rubber mat specifically formulated to perform in freezer environments (Tested to perform at up to -40 degrees Celsius/Farenheit) 

Material 100% Rubber
Face Style Raised Knobs
Backing Ribbed Rubber
Application Indoor/Outdoor Areas with Cold Temperatures
Total Height 9.5mm (3/8")
Roll Length 18m (60')
Tested for Extreme Cold
Made with Cold-Resistant Rubber

Crafted with top-quality cold-resistant rubber, it's tailor-made to thrive in temperatures plummeting to -40°C/F.

Proven to perform, it stands as the sole rubber mat specifically formulated for freezer environments.

Crafted from cold-resistant rubber, the Deep Freeze Freezer Mat promises stability and protection even the most extreme cold conditions.

Freezer-Ready and Slip-Resistant
Making Cold Areas Safer

Designed specifically for freezer use, it's proven to combat the icy conditions that often cause slips and mishaps.

Beyond just safety, the Freezer-Ready and Slip-Resistant feature ensures longevity and durability in relentless cold.

✅ Cold storage warehouses
✅ Freezer aisles in supermarkets
✅ Ice cream parlors
✅ Meat and seafood processing areas
✅ Walk-in freezers in restaurants and hotels

Navigating cold areas has never been safer.

Freezer Mats

Our Deep Freeze Freezer Mat offers unparalleled grip and resilience, even at temperatures plunging to -40°C/F.


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