Niru Versa Runner Matting
Niru Versa Runner Matting
Niru Versa Runner Matting

Niru Versa Runner Matting


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  • Offers durability and chemical resistance that's ideal for industrial environments
  • Features slotted perforations for drainage and a scraper-rib design for traction
  • Enjoy a comfortable underfoot with our reliable matting

Made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound, Niru Versa Runner Matting is designed to withstand harsh chemicals, greases, oils, and animal fats while creating a slip resistant work surface. Slotted perforations allow for drainage and a scraper-rib design runs side-to-side on the mat for added traction. Manufactured with MicroStop anti-microbial rubber compound.

Niru Versa Runner Matting has slotted perforations for drainage. Niru Versa Runner Matting consists of ribbed underside which enhances anti-fatigue value and channels liquid away from the mat. Niru Versa Runner Mats are manufactured with MicroStop anti-microbial rubber compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment.

    Material Made from a 100% Nitrile compound
    Sizes Available 2' x 3', 3' x 4'
    Custom Sizes Available in 2', 3' and 4' widths(up to 60')
    Total Height 3/8"
    Roll Length 2' x 60', 3' x 60', 4' x 60'
    Lenear Feet 2',3',4'

    Chemical and Oil Resistant Design
    Durable 100% Nitrile Compound

    Engineered to withstand the harshest chemicals, oils, greases, and animal fats, this matting ensures a slip-resistant work surface even in challenging conditions.

    Its innovative slotted perforations allow efficient drainage, while the scraper-rib design offers exceptional traction. Plus, the MicroStop® antimicrobial rubber compound not only fosters a cleaner environment but also inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    Stay safe in slippery conditions with our Wet Area Safety Mats.

    Designed to provide reliable slip-resistance in wet and hazardous environments, our mats offer superior traction and stability for optimal safety in slippery conditions.

    Enhanced Safety and Comfort
    Durable Solution for Various Workspaces

    Whether you're in a industrial setting, commercial kitchen, or any environment where safety is paramount, our matting provides a reliable foundation.

    Trust in its durability to withstand the challenges of your workspace while prioritizing the well-being of your employees.

    ✅ Industrial workstations
    ✅ Food processing areas
    ✅ Commercial kitchens
    ✅ Manufacturing facilities
    ✅ Laboratory environments

    Ideal defense against slips and falls

    Wet Area Safety Mats

    With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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