Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting
Gateway Recessed Well Matting

Gateway Recessed Well Matting


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  • Ideal low profile integrated matting system for busy entrance areas
  • With aggressive tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean while open grid traps and collects the dirt and debris, preventing it from coming inside
  • Expands the life of your floor finishes and keeps interiors looking stylish for longer

By using Gateway alone, even the busiest pedestrian traffic flow areas will look their best, whilst internal floorings remain protected thus reducing cleaning costs. Purpose designed for interior use, Gateway is both slip resistant and wheelchair friendly. A choice of over 3 colour combinations offers the exact mix of aesthetic elegance and superior performance.

Used extensively in retail, commercial, educational and healthcare entrance areas, Gateway will complement any internal design scheme.

Gateway's open grid vinyl construction, effectively removes and retains soil and moisture from underfoot, is heel proof, will not impede walking sticks and prevents 'judder' of wheeled traffic.

The system is of one-piece vinyl construction and is therefore both quiet underfoot and ideal for use in conjunction with under floor security systems.

The Gateway Plus comes with carpet inserts to further increase the effectiveness of this matting.

Note: Before purchasing, please carefully confirm and double-check the exact dimensions (L x W x H) to ensure the mat fits perfectly in your recessed well. This is crucial to prevent any fitting issues. We do not accept returns for any custom-length orders. Please refer to our Return Policy.

W: 60cm (2') 91cm (3') 100cm (3.3') 122cm(4')

L: 10m (33') Roll standard

H: 14mm (9/16")

H*: 10mm (3/8")

Wt: 10.89kg/m² (2.23lbs/ft²)

Wt*: 8.79kg/m² (1.80lbs/ft²)

Optimal Durability and Performance
Flexible PVC Material

Experience the exceptional durability and performance of our Gateway Recessed Well Matting, crafted with flexible PVC material. Designed to withstand high-traffic areas, this matting solution offers outstanding resilience and reliability for long-lasting use. The flexible PVC has its resistance to wear, tear, and impact. The mat's open grid vinyl construction effectively removes and retains soil and moisture, promoting cleanliness and reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, the flexibility of PVC ensures that the mat remains slip-resistant and wheelchair-friendly, prioritizing safety for all users.

Creating Inviting Environments
Enhancing Entrances

Gateway Recessed Well Matting is a versatile solution that excels in enhancing entrances across various industries. With its exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal, this matting system is well-suited for a wide range of applications.

✔️ Commercial buildings and offices
✔️ Airports and transportation terminals
✔️ Schools and universities
✔️ Government buildings
✔️ Convention centers and event venues

Keeping Floors Dry and Safe
Efficient Liquid Drainage

With their superior slip-resistant and exceptional liquid drainage capabilities, our mats not only enhance safety but also improve overall facility hygiene while providing effective anti-fatigue properties. This ensures a comfortable and safe environment for everyone who steps foot on them.

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