WizKid Original Cut Urinal Mats


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The WizKid Urinal mats are an upgrade to any washroom. Maintenance free, these restroom mats lasts for up to a month depending on traffic and keep your washroom safe, dry, and odor free.

The blended fiber production of the WizKid mats resists staining, stops odors, and quickly air dries to provide optimal performance. No man ever wants to stand in another man’s pee and the WizKid Antimicrobial mats should be in every men's restroom.

The original cut is specifically designed to prevent puddles of urine from collecting on the bathroom floor. The mats fit perfectly under urinals and are highly absorbent to ensure that no liquid get away from them.

The best feature of these urinal mats is that the combination of both the polyester and antimicrobial fibers ensures that no cross-contamination will occur when it’s being used. Additionally, they protect the floors from the possibility of rot, mold, and other damaging elements that can occur due to excess moisture and bacteria. These urinal mats are unique, innovative, and will completely change your public bathroom experience.

The WizKid Original cut mats are 16 ¾” x 20 ½” in size