Stand-Safe Drainage


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  • Efficiently channels away liquids, ensuring a consistently dry and safe workspace
  • Prioritizes worker comfort, reducing fatigue in high-demand industries
  • Made with TPE material making cleanup a breeze even in the messiest environments
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage
Stand-Safe Drainage

Experience the best in floor safety with the Stand-Safe Drainage mat. Made from high-quality TPE material, it's expertly designed for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. This mat not only offers superior drainage for liquids and particles but also ensures ergonomic comfort. Plus, its non-slip nature and ease of cleaning make it an essential for any workspace.

Prioritize safety and cleanliness effortlessly with Stand-Safe Drainage.

Specifically designed for industries that require cleanliness and comfort such as

  • food and beverage
  • manufacturing and processing
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • and many others


2 ft x 3 ft

(plus 2 in edging on all sides)



14 lbs



FDA & RoHS compliant

thermoplastic elastome


  • Provides phenomenal anti-fatigue comfort
  • Available in 3 colors – black, navy and gray
  • Made of TPE material, which is light, extremely easy to clean and durable
  • Has modular capabilities, if required
  • Comes in 2 versions – with holes for drainage and without
  • Stay in place with an anti-slip base, even in wet environments
  • Can be recycled when no longer in use
Engineered for Liquid Drainage
High-Quality TPE Material

Experience the optimal fusion of design and functionality with our Stand-Safe Drainage mats, crafted from High-Quality TPE Material.

Pioneered with precision, they excel in draining liquids swiftly, ensuring a perpetually dry surface for your food and beverage workspace. More than just drainage, these mats provide unparalleled ergonomic support, enhancing the comfort of every step.

Designed for demanding industries, our Stand-Safe Drainage mat ensures swift liquid drainage and unmatched ergonomic comfort.

Ergonomics and Fluid Control
Drainage Excellence

Crafted for the demanding conditions of the food and beverage manufacturing industry, these mats ensure liquids and particles swiftly drain away.

The result? A consistently safe, clean, and ergonomic work surface. Stability is guaranteed, with mats that firmly stay in place, and cleaning has never been easier.

✅ Food processing units
✅ Beverage manufacturing lines
✅ Restaurant kitchens
✅ Brewery workstations
✅ Butcheries and meat processing areas

Navigating cold areas has never been safer.

Freezer Mats

Dive into a cleaner and drier workspace experience with our Stand-Safe Drainage mats.


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