Spring Divide by Evelyn Fichmann

Spring Divide by Evelyn Fichmann


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This beautifully designed coco doormat is inspired by Summer colors and it was created to make your days brighter, even when the Sun is not shining out there! 


'Spring Divide' Coir Doormat is sturdy, eco-friendly and made sustainably from coir fibres. These coir fibers are inserted into a vinyl backing for a coco doormat shed lesser fiber comparatively. Due to its vinyl backing, the 'Spring Divide' Coco Doormat will not curl up, is slip-resistant with minimal mat movement.


This design has a sharp, clear writing on 'Spring Divide' is stencil printed using a biodegradable spray dye for an eco-friendly doormat. Specially formulated color dye goes deep into the coir fibres for a long-lasting and fade resistant doormat.

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