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Peapod Mats
Peapod Mats
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Peapod Mats


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PeapodMats are fluid-proof mats ideal for situations where accidents happen often. The PeapodMat is easy to clean and easy to use so it is great for all stages of life and everything in between. The PeapodMat features 3 layers that have a top cotton terry material that is comfortable enough to sleep on. The top does not bunch but lies smooth and flat on top of bedding. The middle layer is made of cushioning fibres to absorb moisture and the bottom layer prevents leaking which keeps the mattress and bedding clean and dry). Furthermore, the bottom layer has a brushed bottom which keeps the PeapodMat stationary and in place.

  • This spill-proof mat is very convenient as it is portable and can be easily carried off from one place to another. While travelling to somewhere, or just visiting a friend, or going to a park,  roll it up and take it with you as it is handy and can be used over car seats, strollers or even as a picnic/beach mat.
  • This fluid-proof PeapodMat will get rid of all the plastic disposable mats that you used before hence reducing the carbon print.
  • The PeapodMat is very easy to clean and use as you can just throw in the washer and dryer. No special cycle is required.
  • It is easy to take on and off as it lies flat on top of bed or other surfaces.
  • Features an anti-slip bottom
  • Make your life easy with these mats and keep your home and bedding clean.
  • It is so comfortable that it is like lying on a giant terry towel.
  • Sizes: 3' x 3' and 3' x 5'





  • tummy time mat
  • changing mat
  • stroller liner mat
  • car seat liner mat
  • playpen mat
  • bathing mat
  • potty training mat
  • nappy time mat
  • highchair liner
  • preschool rest mat
  • furniture protector mat
  • 20% (5-6 yr olds) wet the bed
  • co-sleeping
  • at this stage it is mainly used to protect bedding sheets and mattresses
  • sleepovers
  • 10% (7-8 yr olds) wet the bed

     Other Uses:

  • pregnancy mat, birthing mat, breast feeding mat, “on the go” change table, travel mat, vehicle seat protector mat, beach mat, co-sleeping.

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