Jute Cricket Mats


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  • Made from sustainable jute fiber, perfect for both indoor and outdoor cricket experiences
  • Long-lasting quality of our jute fiber mats for rigorous cricket play
  • Offer a superior playing surface
Jute Cricket Mats

Jute Cricket Mats are made out of highest quality jute fiber and can be used outdoors for all types of surfaces. Jute cricket mats feature grommets which secures the mat firmly to the ground. When actual turf area is either uneven or non-existent, Jute cricket mat offers an even surface for predictable ball playing.

  • They are designed to be used outside on sandy and grassy areas and can be left outside as they are fully weather proof.
  • Compared to coco cricket mats, Jute cricket mats offer a consistent pitch in grassy areas than in sandy areas.
  • These cricket mats are ideal for cricket pitching on grounds as well as in practice net.
  • You can take anywhere you play as they are portable and can be rolled away for further use.
  • These cricket mats are easy to maintain as they can be hosed off easily and left to dry in the sun.
  • Coco Cricket mat offers a bouncier pitch compared to other mats as if provides a firmer level over sandy surfaces.
  • Made from high quality coir, these mats will last for a long time and hence it is a sound investment.
  • 8 feet of heavy duty canvas on each end prevents tearing and fraying of the mat.
  • Eyelets every 2’ apart around the entire mat.
  • Jute mats in full size are available in both light and medium duty material.
  • Sizes Available : 8' x 64' or 8' x 35'
  • Thickness: 1/8 inch thick
  • Weight : 205lb or 92.99kg


Premium Cricket Mats for that Pitch-Perfect Play

Mats made with the finest materials, ensure a consistent bounce and reliable performance, essential for both amateur and professional players. Easy to roll out and maintain, our cricket mats are the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking quality and durability.

Bring your A-game to every match and training session with mats that are as devoted to cricket as you are.

Eco-Friendly Fiber for Superior Play
Made with Quality Jute Fiber

Discover the natural advantage with our Jute Cricket Mats, where sustainability meets top-tier performance. Crafted from the highest quality jute fiber, these mats offer an eco-friendly solution to cricket enthusiasts seeking a superior playing experience.

Jute ensures durability and reliability, making them ideal for outdoor surfaces and various playing conditions.

For Indoor and Outdoor Pitches
Cover Cricket Spaces

These mats are ideal for both indoor facilities and outdoor pitches, providing a consistent and reliable surface for players at every level.

The inclusion of grommets aids in secure placement, making these mats a steadfast choice for various cricket environments, from school grounds to club arenas. Whether it's for a casual backyard game or a formal practice session, our Jute Cricket Mats are the go-to solution for enhancing play on any surface.

✅ Outdoor Cricket Grounds
✅ Indoor Cricket Facilities
✅ School and Club Cricket Pitches
✅ Backyard Cricket Areas
✅ Cricket Practice Nets

Endless possibilities

Choose from our wide range of other custom mats that allow you to showcase your brand in style.

Sourced and designed to last in Canada, our mats stand up to the heaviest of usage.

Entrances such as the Vancouver Waterfront Station that sees millions of people walk through their doors each day, have now used our product, the CM Viper Mats to protect their floor for many years.


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