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GymDeck Tiles great for protecting your gyms from all types of damages and converting them into an ideal place for holding any special events like graduation, concerts, shows, games, sporting events etc.

GymDeck is a superior alternative to tarp covering systems as it can be laid smoothly and does not bunch up or wrinkle like the tarp– eliminating the uneven look . There are no need for taping the seams and no need to overlay tiles. GymDeck is definitely better at floor protection over tarp systems, cushioning your valuable wooden floors from heavy staging, equipment, seating and utility carts.

GymDeck is definitely better at floor protection over tarp systems, cushioning your valuable wooden floors from heavy staging, equipment, weights, seating and utility carts.

GymDeck is a specially designed rigid ABS gym floor cover that interlocks together to create a uniform protective layer over wooden or polyurethane gym floors. Its rigid construction prevents your flooring from denting or damage from falling objects such as chairs, tools, and other equipment.

These gym floor tiles are very easy to install, transport and store GymDeck using our specially designed transport cart. GymDeck can be installed in one hour with two people.

  • Made out of 1/4" ABS construction, gym deck protects your wooden or polyurethane floors from all types of on-court events.
  • Each gym deck tile features a textured top surface which offers slip-resistance benefits and a smooth underside that does not damage gym floors.
  • Gym Deck panel measures 48" x 48" or (16 sq/ft) are simply set into place and align pre-cut interlocking tabs.
  • These tiles are strong enough to sustain the weight of rolling carts and other equipment. All types of furniture like tables, chairs and staging may be placed directly over GymDeck.
  • GymDeck may also be used for general floor protection on surfaces other than gym floors, such as carpet, tile, and aggregate stone floors.
  • Gym Deck tiles interlock each other like puzzle pieces for a non-slip, secure and easy to install temporary floor covering.
  • Colors Available: Black


Description Interlocking ABS plastic tiles that may be used to protect sensitive wooden gym floors and other surfaces against damage.
Colors Black
Material High-impact ABS plastic
Storage 55 tiles (880 sq/ft) on trolley
Tile Size 4 ft x 4 ft (16 sq/ft total area)
Tile Thickness 1/8”
Tile Height 0.125 inch
Tile Weight 12 lbs
Weight Support 4000 lbs. / sq/ft
Specific Gravity 1.05 ASTM D792
Melt Flow Rate 9.63 g/10 min ASTM D1238 (@230C/10kg)
Flexural Modulus 359,000 ASTM D790
Tensile Strength: At Yield:

At Yield: 4200 psi ASTM D638 At Break: 20%

Notched Izod Impact 7.6 ft lb/in ASTM D256
Heat Deflection Temperature

169ËšF ASTM D648 (@264 psi, unannealed)

Garden Gloss

> 50% ASTM D523 (60Ëš)


3 years manufacturer's warranty

Gym Deck

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Go all out, knowing your floors are protected.

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