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Grey Center Seam is currently out of stock and will ship after September 25.

This 100% polyvinyl edge trim is ideal for transitioning from the mat to the floor and offers a stylish finish to your roll out garage floor mats. They are also ideal for joining two garage floor mats at the seam. This 25-foot long strip is easily trimmed to your mat's size using a utility blade. Create a waterproof seam between polyvinyl mats to complete your garage, work-space or other floor with ease.

  • Gives a finishing touch to the seams between mats or along the edges.
  • Joins two garage mats but still allow room for expansion and contraction.
  • This trim is made of high quality PVC material which is the same material as of garage floor mats.
  • It is available in black and grey colour.
  • Easily cut to size.
  • No adhesive are required.
  • Edge trim is about 3 1/2 inches wide and add about 1 3/8" per side to size of your mat.
  • Both the edge and center strips are available in 25' lengths.

Specifically designed to seam together garage floor roll out mats, this seaming tape creates a durable bond within garage mats with its acrylic adhesive. 

Basic installation of the roll out garage mats do not require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, seaming tape is ideal for bonding mats and sealing seams for additional floor protection from moisture.

  • Garage Floor Seaming Tape is made out of heavy duty fiberglass cloth tape with acrylic adhesive.
  • Creates a bond along the underside of the seam.
  • This seaming tape is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is grease-proof and water-proof.
  • This seaming tape measures 4" x 90 ft, enough to cover 3 garages.
  • This has adhesive on only one side to avoid adherence to the floor.
  • Easily cut through the seaming tape to separate your mats without damaging them when re-configuring or removing your mats.  

Garage Floor Top Coat Stain Blocker will aid in resisting stains and spills and will help in giving your garage an ultra clear wet and shiny look. This product is specifically engineered to resists stains caused by high performance tires.

  • It has been designed to work with our roll out garage flooring and peel and stick tiles.
  • Comes in two containers which create a single top coat when mixed together.
  • It covers approximately 300 to 480 sq foot.
  • This product was originally tested with high corrosive chemicals found in airplane hangars

Install your roll-out garage mat with a complete set of tools to help you. 

The installation tool kit includes:

  • BLT marking pencil
  • 60" heavy-duty steel ruler
  • 3M 80 Rubber & Vinyl Spray adhesive
  • Premium-quality razor knife with blades
  • Step-by-step install instruction sheet



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