Dwinguler Castle II Extension Kit


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Make the already spacious play pen wider and bigger with the Dwinguler Castle II Extension Kit. More space for more fun with more friends!

With the Extension Kit, the Dwinguler Castle II, which is already the largest play pen in the market, becomes big enough to fit in 2 large size Dwinguler Playmats inside it. That’s a huge amount of space for children to get extremely and luxuriously comfortable in!

  • Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit increases the size of the Dwinguler Castle II Playpen, which is already the largest play pen in the market.
  • Dwinguler Castle II with the Extension Kit parts added can contain two large size Dwinguler Playmats.
  • Dwinguler Castle Extension Kit comprises of four panels and two panel supports that can be added to the standard Dwinguler Castle II playroom.
  • Dwinguler Castle II size with extension kit add: 94.5(L) x 115.7(W) x 30.8(H) in.
  • Please Note: This product is just extension parts for Dwinguler Castle. It does not include the Castle. The Dwinguler Castle is sold separately. Click here to buy the Dwinguler Castle.