Comfort Tread Anti Fatigue Mats
Comfort Tread Anti Fatigue Mats
Comfort Tread Anti Fatigue Mats
Comfort Tread Anti Fatigue Mats

Comfort Tread Anti Fatigue Mats


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The Comfort tread mats are made out of vinyl nitrile foam that allows them to be approximately 3 times more resilient when compared to ordinary vinyl sponge matting. This combination of Vinyl and Nitrile rubber puts an added spring in your step, making them that much more comfortable.

The comfort tread Anti-Fatigue Mats can also be used areas where ESD protection is crucial.

In addition to the anti-fatigue capabilities, these comfort tread mats also provide a non-slip texture to create a safer work environment. The moisture and stain resistant surface also makes them very easy to clean.

Perfect for providing relief from long periods of standing still on cold hard floors. These Anti-Fatigue mats are great for increasing comfort and productivity in workshops and warehouses.

Standing in one place at workstations and assembly lines can cause constricted blood flow to the legs causing fatigue over time. The Comfort tread Anti-fatigue mats provide a slight uneven and soft surface to allow for subtle movements throughout the day, stimulating blood flow and providing relief.

These mats are also great for protecting expensive machinery and parts from falling directly on to cold hard floors and chipping. These relatively inexpensive anti fatigue mats provide a padded layer of foam protection on top of cold hard cement floors.

Material Vinyl-nitrile
Backing N/A
Pattern Textured
Construction Cross linked vinyl-nitrile
Thickness 3/8"
Roll Width 2', 3', or 4'
Color Black / Grey
Edging N/A
  • Ideal for use at workstations & ESD specific enviornments.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Nursing Stations
  • Pharmaceutical Counters
  • Grocery Store Registers
  • Computer Rooms
  • Industrial Applications
  • Hotel Check-In Counters

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