CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat


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  • Our flagship entrance mat, made to achieve a luxurious aesthetic
  • Made with absorbent nylon fiber and polypropylene scrapers
  • Effectively scrapes away and hides dirt, debris, and moisture at the doorstep
CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat
CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat
CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat
CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat
CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat

Make an impression and have your logo really stand out with this fully functional entrance mat. The Viper 8925 inlaid logo mat actively combats dirt and moisture ensuring a safe and clean floor inside your building. With its random tufted pattern and dark color, even small patches of dirt become practically invisible.

With a low pile and heavy duty vinyl ramp edging, these mats allow easy transition of foot traffic, carts and wheelchairs. CM Viper 8925 Mats have a vinyl backing that is slip resistant and breathable.

Custom sizes mats are produced according to the dimensions provided. If edging is selected as yes, the edging will be incorporated in the size provided. If no edging is selected, the mat will be cut to the exact size provided.

Please note that due to contraction and expansion of material with temperatures, there may be a variance of up to 1 inch.

All Standard size mats are produced with edging.

Please upload high resolution, camera ready artwork

A vector format is preferred. e.g. .AI or .EPS files


Base Mat Logo
Material 74% Nylon, 26% Polypropylene Nylon Type 6/6
Backing Natural Rubber Gripper / Raptor
Roll Size 12 ft x 125 ft
Pattern Random Tufted
Thickness 3/8”
Weight 0.73 lbs/sq ft
Color Charcoal Black
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor applications  

  • Ideal for commercial entrance and exit ways with high traffic

  •  Hotel Lobbies, Hotel, Spas and Resorts

  •  Retail Stores, Department Stores, Boutiques, Shopping Centers, Department Stores and Malls

  •  College and University Buildings

  •  Restaurants

  • Hospitals, Hospice, Medical Clinics
  • Please upload high resolution, camera ready artwork.
  • A vector format is preferred. e.g. .AI or .EPS files.
  • Please note that complicated artwork may be subject to approval.
  • Please email your logo to for a more accurate quote, or for larger sizes in terms of width.

Made To Last


Inlaid logos are cut out of solution dyed material and inset into a base mat where the logo shape has been cut out.

This creates a long lasting logo that does not fade unevenly or have its print scrapped off after years of use.

High-Performance Material
Polypropylene & Nylon Fiber

These logo mats with a tufted pattern and dark color hide dirt well, preserving your brand's image. They feature a low-profile design, sturdy vinyl ramp edging for smooth transitions, and a slip-resistant, breathable backing for stability and durability.

High-impact Entrance Mats
Maximize brand visibility

These mats are designed to complement luxurious buildings, elevating the appearance of any entrance. These are best suited for indoor use and excel at absorbing moisture from people walking into your building. Perfect for use in:

✔ Hotel Lobbies
✔ Restaurants
✔ Malls
✔ Residential complexes
✔ Any Building Entrances


Sourced and designed to last in Canada, CM Viper Mats stand up to the heaviest of usage.

Entrances such as the Vancouver Waterfront Station that sees millions of people walk through their doors each day, have now used CM Viper Mats to protect their floor for many years.


Our team of professionals ensure that our mats can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your entrance. An oversized or undersized mats at your entrance can ruin the look of an impressive building, but our custom sized mats give it the perfect bespoke look.

Since we make them locally, we get your custom mats delivered fast!


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