CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat

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CM Viper 8925 Inlaid Logo Mat

Make an impression and have your logo really stand out with this fully functional entrance mat. The Viper 8925 inlaid logo mat aggressively removes dirt and wicks water away with every step to ensure a safe and clean floor inside your building. The random tufted pattern and dark coloring make small patches of dirt virtually invisible. Never sacrifice your brand's image with these excellent entrance mats.

With a low pile and heavy duty vinyl ramp edging, these mats allow easy transition of foot traffic, carts and wheelchairs. CM Viper 8925 Mats have a vinyl backing that is slip resistant and breathable.


Base Mat Logo
Material 74% Nylon, 26% Polypropylene Nylon Type 6/6
Backing Natural Rubber Gripper / Raptor
Roll Size 12 ft x 125 ft
Pattern Random Tufted
Thickness 3/8”
Weight 0.73 lbs/sq ft
Color Charcoal Black
  •  Ideal for commercial entrance and exit ways with high traffic

  •  Hotel Lobbies

  •  Retail Stores

  •  Malls

  •  University Buildings

  •  Restaurants


Our premium logo mats are more durable, functional, and longer-lasting
Highly Durable and Functional

These mats are excellent at hiding dirt and can be easily cleaned with a regular vaccum. These durable, functional, and attractive mats are most effective in indoor and outdoor commercial entrance ways with moderate to high foot and wheeled traffic.

Inlaid Colours

These mats feature inlaid colours. This means colours are dyed directly onto the fabric and never fade. These mats never lose their vibrancy and will continue to grab viewers’ attention for years to come. Simply maintain by cleaning regularly with a vaccum.


High Quality Print and Colours
Looking to Feature Intricate Designs?

Our custom printed logo mats can feature high definition artwork and are printed directly on the fibers of the mat. The specialized printers used in the is process infuse the colors deep into the fabric to create a long lasting and highly attractive floor mat.

Perfect for indoor applications, these mats are a cost effective way to showcase your brand wherever high scrapping action isn’t a must.

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