Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting
Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting
Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting
Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting
Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting
Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting

Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting


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  • Unmatched static dissipation, safeguarding sensitive tech equipment
  • Merging supreme comfort with state-of-the-art static defense
  • Uniform static dissipation across its expanse

Meticulously crafted with modern workspaces in mind, this matting offers the perfect blend of comfort and static protection. Its unique composition ensures swift dissipation of static, a boon for environments housing sensitive equipment. Designed for longevity, the mat promises consistent performance, guarding against static-related interruptions.

Perfect for tech-savvy spaces, Airsoft's matting stands as the shield between innovation and unwanted static. Dive into a world where comfort meets advanced grounding, all underfoot.

Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting comes in Grey color: Roll Sizes: 3 ft x 60 ft and 4 ft x 60 ft

Low to Mid 108 OHMS/sq. ft. Static Dissipative Rating. Product must be properly grounded. Use one ground cord (GRC000015) for every 15 sq. ft.

Material Vinyl (pvc) Foam
Solid Top
Edging Tapered
FMVSS 302 Flame Resistance – Pass Rating
Flammability: CPSC FF-170 – Pass Rating
Thickness 9.5 mm (3/8 in)
Total Weight 3.22 kg/m² (0.66 lb/ft²)


Tapered ends available for a minimal charge.

AAS250300 Airsoft Anti-Stat Pebbled 3 ft Grey $31.49/LNFT
AAS250400 Airsoft Anti-Stat Pebbled 4 ft Grey $41.99/LNFT

Custom Cut Sizes are available in 3 ft., 4 ft. widths


Dissipative Design and Comfort
Made with Vinyl (PVC) Foam

The Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting champions a perfect blend of safety and ease. Expertly crafted from premium Vinyl (PVC) foam, this mat promises both static protection and fatigue relief.

Adhering to the low to mid 10^8 OHMS/sq. ft. rating, it stands as a benchmark in static dissipation.

Stay grounded and protect your electronics with our reliable Anti-Static Mats.

Designed to dissipate static electricity, our mats create a safe and secure environment in industrial and hazardous work environments.

Dissipating Static at Work
Grounding for Tech-Savvy Spaces

Every square foot is designed to ground and protect, enhancing both safety and productivity.

Expertly crafted for the future-focused workspace, Airsoft ensures a static-free experience, pivotal for sensitive equipment and precision tasks perfect for:

✅ Electronics Manufacturing
✅ Data Centers
✅ Clean Rooms
✅ Research Laboratories
✅ Assembly Lines

Creating A Static-Free Workplace

Anti-Static Mats

With a durable design, keep your employees and equipment secure with our effective Anti-Static Mats, engineered to create a static-free workspace.

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