3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting


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  • With bonded vinyl loops, an effective solution for trapping dirt and allowing debris
  • Matting is ideal for recessed wells and excels in high-traffic areas
  • Easy drainage, preventing the buildup of water and reducing slips or falls
3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting
3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting
3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting
3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting

3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting is made of bonded vinyl loops. This backless matting traps dirt and allows debris and moisture to drain through, keeping the surface of the mat safe and dry. With its durability and open construction, this matting is perfect for outdoor areas with heavy traffic.

The 8100 is designed to be used within indoor and outdoor recessed wells and is made with grease and oil resistant material, making it able to stand up to the toughest challenges.

Material PVC Vinyl
Construction Continuous Vinyl Filaments Woven Together
Face Style Looped
Backing Unbacked
Edging Optional Ramp
Application Outdoor Areas with Heavy traffic
Total Weight 0.91 lb/sq ft
Roll Length 30.5m (100')
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Vestibules
  • High Traffic Entrances
  • Recessed Wells
Efficiently Manages Moisture and Debris
High-Quality Bonded Vinyl Loops

Crafted with high-quality bonded vinyl loops, making it a superior choice for effectively managing moisture and debris.

This innovative matting solution is designed to keep the surface safe and dry by trapping dirt and allowing debris and moisture to easily drain through.

Withstands Tough Conditions
Resilient for Outdoor Durability

Our 3M Nomad 8100 Scraper Matting, made with resilient PVC vinyl, is designed to withstand tough conditions and provide outstanding outdoor durability. Its versatile applications make it a reliable choice for various settings.

✅ Indoor and Outdoor Recessed Wells
✅ Outdoor Recessed Wells
✅ Commercial and Government Buildings
✅ Retail and Department Stores
✅ Shopping Malls

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