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Whether you are installing engineered wood flooring or natural wooden floorboards, most Warmup electric floor heating systems can be used.

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Electric Systems for Wooden Floors

The most frequently used electric underfloor heating system installed with floating wooden flooring is our Foil Heater. Contact us for a more detailed breakdown of your floor heating options.

Foil Heater System


underfloor heating for wooden floors

Floor heating for wooden floor finishes is increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Warmup systems have been extensively researched and developed for use with a wide variety of wooden floor options. The key with radiant-based heating of wood flooring is the wood’s thermal conductivity; the thinner and denser the wood, the quicker the heat-up time and therefore, the more efficient the system. Using a Warmup Thermostat to control the underfloor heating system facilitates an optimum temperature output that never exceeds 81°F – warm enough to heat your home but not too hot that it may damage your wooden flooring.

Thermal Conductivity

Moisture Content of Wooden Floors

Limits of Heat Transfer

When using the system with wood flooring, care should be taken to ensure effective performance of the system and we do not recommend installing a floor heater if the limits below are not met. This may hinder the performance of the system and result in the system not working as desired.

The figures below are for electric underfloor heating systems only. Water systems have a broader range of limits due to the variables of the specification.

Transfer of heat limits

• Tog: 1.5 (Unless otherwise stated)

• RSI: 0.15m² K/W (Unless otherwise stated)