foil heater system

Electric underfloor heating system for laminate, carpet, engineered wood and other approved floating floor finishes.

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what project is the foil heater designed for?

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Room shape

Ideal for regular shaped rooms, the 20″ wide foil mats can be rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. In some instances, you may need to cut, turn, and flip the mat to suit the room without affecting the heating cable. Read more about the installation of the Foil Heating System below.

Recommended Insulation

If you are using floor coverings such as engineered wood or laminate the foil heater is recommended to be used in conjunction with our insulated underlay. Insulated underlay is always recommended on a concrete slab. Insulated underlay on your subfloor provides protection for the Foil Heater while allowing the heat to easily pass through to the final floor finish providing maximum comfort.

However, note that foil and insulated underlay are not recommended in wet rooms (such as bathrooms). If you are using vinyl or carpet in a wet room, consider using compatible electric systems such as the DCM-PRO or Heated Floor Mat systems; all installed with a self-levelling compound for waterproofing.

suitable floor types

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under carpet heating

When installing the Foil Heating System under a carpet there are a few key differences. Warmup recommends maintaining a minimum of 12″” off the walls to avoid any damage when the carpet is installed. Warmup soft insulation is not required under the foil heating system if you are using a carpet pad. In place of soft insulation, be sure the FOIL heating system is sandwiched between the pad and carpet to protect the foil heater and to allow heat to easily pass through to the final floor finish providing maximum comfort.

In general, Foil heating mats are very resistant. You can even steam-clean your carpets over the foil heater.

Some flooring manufacturers only allow the use of underfloor heating systems with their flooring when the system is embedded within a leveling compound. It is important that you check with the carpet flooring manufacturer on the types of underfloor heating system that are suitable.

under laminate/engineered wood heating

Certain wood flooring finishes are not recommended for use with Warmup foil mats including vinyl, wood flooring thicker than 18mm, wood flooring with metallic strips as part of their locking systems (these metallic strips may damage the Foil mats) or any wood flooring with a pad already attached.

In case you have any concerns, check with your chosen flooring supplier that your flooring option is compatible with an electric Foil Heating System.

Fitted between the insulating layer and the floating floor deck the heater adds negligible height to the installation. For wooden floors or similar, the thermal resistance should not exceed 0.15m² K/W.

Insulation with the foil heater

Before installing a Warmup electric foil heating system, always check the subfloor has adequate thermal insulation. This is particularly important where the foil heaters will be used as a primary heat source.

The heater must be installed on top of a suitable soft insulation. This is necessary to prevent the heater from being damaged when the weight of furniture and people on the floor are added.

Improved savings can be achieved by using Warmup Insulated Underlay underneath the heater as this reduces the heat-up time by at least 50%, and results in cost-savings.


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Choosing the correct floor heating thermostats is crucial in ensuring that your heating system works the best possible way, efficiently and easily.

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insulated underlay

A thin insulation barrier to protect the foil heater and help radiate heat upward.

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