3M Nomad 6050 Backed Scraper Matting


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Designed to be the first mat of a 3M entrance matting system. Non-woven continuous vinyl filaments bonded together to form an open attractive walking surface. Used as an entry mat in areas where tracked -in dirt is a problem. Applications include indoor and outdoor entryways, hallways, and vestibules.

 (Not recommended in kitchens, greasy areas or areas that are constantly wet.) Vinyl Loop mat that scrapes off dirt and retains it in the mat to avoid re-tracking. Its durable vinyl construction can perform within a broad temperature spectrum and will not fade in sunlight. This mat effectively removes dirt and moisture while provides a comfortable walking surface.


Material Vinyl
Construction All Vinyl Non-woven Continuous Filaments Bonded Together
Face Style Open Vinyl Looped
Backing All Vinyl Foam
Edging Add On
Application Commercial
Sizes Available Available in Rolls - 3 ft, 4 ft
Total Height Minimum 0.45 in. (11.4 mm)
Total Weight Minimum 4.2 lbs. / yd. 2 (2.3 kg. m 2)


  • Outdoor Applications
  • Vestibules
  • Hallways




Custom length 3' width



Custom length 4' width





Capture Dirt and Debris

Effective scraping

Multiple applications

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