When You Need New Commercial Matting

  1. Rubber Edging Gets Worn and Chipped

Take notice of how the edges of the entrance mat have been chipped and destroyed. In numerous spots, large portions of missing rubber sheathing extend all the way into the carpet centre. Mats are more easily displaced and distorted as the anti-skid rubber chips away, creating a major threat. "Shiftiness" is a clue that it's time to replace your mat.

  1. Regular Mat Shifts / Skids

Mats must be replaced when they begin to shift or slide on a regular basis, as previously stated. The non-skid rubber backing becomes chipped, scratched, or worn over time, which causes this. The damage is obvious in certain cases. However, if the damage happens on the underside of the mat, it may not be evident. In either scenario, mats should be checked for overall stability and changed as soon as they lose their ability to stay in place during the day.

  1. Surface Texture Becomes Worn

Over time, mats may show indications of wear and tear. The surface of carpet mats, in particular, may appear flatter and more worn over time. This reduces the mat's ability to clean and contain dirt and moisture from guests' shoes, resulting in increased debris accumulation in entryways and lobby areas.

  1. Color Becomes Faded

Mats that fade over time are more of an aesthetic problem than a safety hazard. Even so, it's crucial to think about what your floor mats say about your company. Mats that are faded, damaged, or sun-bleached give off an unprofessional appearance and should be replaced to maintain a professional and clean image.

  1. Before the Onset of the ‘”Busy Season”

Customer traffic does not remain constant throughout the year, as any retail business owner can attest. Depending on your industry, you may have a "Busy Season" when more customers, vendors, or other visitors visit your facility than at other times of the year. It's a good idea to link this increase in activity to an increase in the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents, and to act accordingly by replacing matting at all key entry points.

  1. In Anticipation of Seasonal Weather Changes

Weather is another element that varies throughout the year, similar to consumer flow. There will be seasons where wind, rain, snow, or ice accumulation create unsafe circumstances, regardless of where your business is located. Prepare for these periodic weather shifts and reduce your liability risk by making sure all safety matting products are thoroughly cleaned, in good working order, and correctly installed.