What Size Doormat for Double Doors?

With many of us having larger than the single sized door such as French or patio doors as the main entrance to our homes, having a doormat that will better fit that width is a great idea. 

Not only does it look better than having a smaller mat in its place or two separate mats side by side, but it also keeps all of that mud, dirt, leaves and grass from getting into your house. 

Often people with double doors have them connected to the dining rooms, lounges, and conservatories. These are usually areas in which there is an even greater need to protect your floors as you have out your nice carpets and furniture - Nobody wants muddy footprints tracked in onto their best carpets! 

Worry not because we have mats perfect for double doors and even larger for those grander sized entrances.

 Classic Double Border Personalised Doormat



If you thought a single border was bold, we just doubled it. Styled with a clean aesthetic is our personalizable double border doormat.

Now you can take your doormat one step further by printing your very own custom text or name right in the middle to add a touch of luxury to your entrance. The mats are printed with biodegradable vegetable dyes that will keep the mat looking great for a long time to come. Our sizes come in with 18” x 30” ,  22” x 36” and 38” x 60”.

Our perfect size for double doors would be our 38 x 60” size which fits nicely across both wide doors. The key is to have enough length to reach from end to end and not have it sitting awkwardly in the middle of both.

Coir is great for both indoor and outdoor use, but making sure they stay away from harsher elements will keep them lasting at their best.

Personalised Family NameDoormats

Whether you need a more simple style of something with a pop of colour we have quite a wide array of options to choose from. Just like our bordered doormats our personalised ones allow you to choose a design and size that suits your taste and complements the rest of your home.


Vinyl Backed Custom Coco Entrance Mats

Of course besides the sizes we have pre cut and ready to go, you can always choose to have it fit perfectly in the space. Pull out a measuring tape and leave a few inches of space and you’ll know exactly what size you need. We offer custom cut products for all of you who love to have it perfectly placed.