How to keep your Entranceways and Homes Clean


To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria we have our trusty entrance mats. They work hard everyday to keep the dirt and debris out of your homes. Our shoes, especially high traction shoes such as your boots and sneakers drag around tons dust and debris that is the number one cause of damage to indoor floors.

Your doormats are a work horse, never taking breaks as they diligently scrap and hold onto the dirt from your shoes, keeping it from getting in your homes. It is important to make sure we do our part to regularly clean our hardworking doormats to ensure they are functioning at their most optimal performance.

Not only does stopping dirt at the door reduce cleaning labor costs and wear on floors, but it also reduces the need for cleaning chemicals that might be harmful to the residents and the environment.

Statistics show:

  • 85 percent of the dirt in your building entered on the soles of people’s shoes,
  • One square yard of commercial carpet can accumulate up to one pound of dirt in a week — twice that in the winter months,
  • It can take the foot traffic from just 1,500 people to remove 42 percent of the finish from your tile.

Here are 5 steps to clean your Entrance mats:

  1. Dusting it off – Outdoor mats will hold and store a large amount of dust, leaves, dirt and debris on the surface. Simply picking up your mat and shaking it out away from you take off a large amount of dirt.
  2. Vacuuming it – After a good dusting, you can pull out your vacuum and slowly go over your mats, giving the vacuum time to pull out the debris stuck within its fibers. This will remove those deep-set hairs, pebbles and other bits of trash from outside
  3. Scrubbing it with baking soda to disinfect it – With all the visible debris off your mats the next step you can do is sprinkle some baking soda on it to disinfect and kill off any bacteria and odors. If you had any pet related number 2 accident or you spill a drink into it, giving the baking soda a scrub will help dig deeper into the mats fibers
  4. Allowing the baking soda to be washed away by rain or hosing it down afterwards – To rise out the baking soda you may simply leave your mat out in the rain o manually hose it down.
  5. Sweep up in the area where the mat usually sits – Finally before placing the mat back where it belongs, it’s a good idea to give a quick sweep or vacuum to the area It was sitting in so that your like new mat isn’t going back in the same dust you just cleaned off of it!