What Is the Difference Between Matting and Carpeting?

 We constantly run into this linguistic blunder. When discussing their front entry, clients frequently use the terms "carpet" and "mat" interchangeably. nonetheless, their actual meanings couldn't be more dissimilar! Comparing a business carpet to an appropriate commercial entrance mat is akin to comparing a high heel shoe to a gumboot; while both are footwear, they obviously serve quite distinct purposes and are in no way interchangeable.

The appearance of a carpet is crucial. For most commercial uses, one brand of carpet (of a specific grade or quality, of course!) is roughly as excellent as the next. People choose a carpet for their office based on its colour, texture, pattern, or style; how carpet looks is more significant than how it functions. A hiking trail or stepping through puddles in the park are less significant considerations than whether or whether the shoe looks well and matches your entire ensemble while shopping for fancy high heels or dress shoes.


Function is the foremost concern with entrance matting. How an entrance mat works to preserve your flooring from wear and tear should be your most crucial consideration when picking a mat. The primary purpose of entry matting is to keep your magnificent new carpet from being destroyed by dirt and grit, mud, and water. Purchasing an entrance mat is similar to purchasing gumboots; the function of the boots—whether or not they will keep your feet warm and dry, fit you comfortably, and shield you from inclement weather—is far more crucial than the precise colour of the boots.

When selecting an entrance mat for your commercial location, it's critical to keep this relationship between look and functionality in mind. Time and time again, customers make the error of putting look over function and selecting the entirely incorrect product as a result (like matching a specific logo colour, etc.) Before they realise it, they have to replace the incorrect entrance mat after only a few months since it wore out too quickly or was incapable of doing the job it was intended to. They now need to replace both the mat and the flooring because the incorrect product allowed the unpleasant rainy weather and outside filth to destroy the carpet and flooring beneath!


Entrance matting is available in a bewildering variety of materials, including nylon, polypropylene, PVC, and rubber. It might be challenging to determine which kind of matting is best for your particular purpose and the requirements of your facility. Reach out to us right away if you need assistance choosing the best mat for your company.