How Landscapers Move Heavy Equipment Over Pavers And Grass Without Damaging It (Viper Deck)

Why you need Viper Deck ground protection mats

Construction sites, events, and other outside work places struggle throughout the winter months when the weather becomes both colder and wetter. Muddy or icy terrain creates difficult working conditions that can be more than a nuisance. 

Slow labour implies missed deadlines and wasted money, not to mention the costs and risks to pedestrians, workers, and machinery. Some of these problems, fortunately, have a solution. Viper Deck Ground protection mats can assist keep work sites safe and accessible so that work can proceed as usual.

The advantages of using ground protection mats

Viper Deck Ground protection mats can be utilised in a variety of settings, including outdoor festivals and construction sites, as well as other outdoor settings where considerable foot traffic or even machinery is expected to go over uneven ground, such as grassy areas. 

They can be used to create vast working areas, including parking lots, as well as temporary walkways and roadways. If you're working on grass or other uneven ground, consider these advantages of utilising ground protection mats to see if they're right for you.

Protect the ground and machinery

It comes as no surprise that ground conditions and the environment should be protected to the greatest extent feasible, especially in this day and age, but there are often rigorous requirements for the state in which works and events locations should be left after completion. 

Whether it's preserving the area around a home site in excellent order or protecting fields as much as feasible during an event, customers and property owners expect these areas to remain in good condition afterward.

Furthermore, in particularly difficult ground conditions, expensive apparatus can be damaged. Mud and gravel can cause damage to tractors, JCBs, and other machinery, costing businesses a lot of money to repair or replace. Damaged machinery adds to the project's delays, potentially causing it to run over budget and ahead of time.

Take up difficult situations

Ground protection mats' main goal is to make difficult ground conditions accessible. Ground protection mats can ensure that anyone may walk across difficult ground conditions with ease, whether it's for pedestrians or heavy machines.

Heavy car and pedestrian traffic areas, in particular, require special protection to avoid difficulties, as frequent traffic can churn up soft ground and exacerbate conditions over time.


Spend less.

Viper Deck Ground protection mats save you money by helping to keep projects on track, safeguarding machinery, and keeping workers safe. They can prevent projects from going over budget or businesses from incurring unforeseen costs, such as sick pay for an injured employee or equipment repairs. 

Furthermore, compared to plywood boards, polyethylene ground protection mats save you money in the long run because they are incredibly durable and do not need to be replaced frequently.

Maintain a secure environment.

Pedestrians and employees are at risk when the ground is wet, muddy, or otherwise slick. Visitors must be kept safe and meet health and safety regulations during events, whereas building sites are already hazardous, and bad conditions are exacerbated by the presence of heavy machinery and dangerous instruments.

 Ground protection mats can assist protect workers and passersby from injuries such as trips and falls, as well as make the site safer overall.


Are you ready to purchase ground protection mats?

If you're persuaded that ground mats are the way to go, you'll need Viper deck ground protection mats that are extremely resilient. These mats provide exceptional grip and endurance for even the roughest soils and weather situations thanks to their original design and revolutionary polyethylene construction.