Guide for Purchasing Recessed Grill Mats

Even while recessed grill mats may sound like something you would put beneath your Weber kettle in the backyard, they have nothing to do with a weekend barbecue. Instead, recessed grill mats—with their special abilities to trap moisture and debris—keep a variety of commercial structures secure and hygienic.

Recessed grill mats with horizontal slats or panels effectively remove dirt and moisture from above traffic and are typically installed at the doors and in the vestibules of big commercial or residential buildings. Grill mats are different from other kind of recessed floor mats since they are typically made to fit into an already-existing recess in the floor. Instead, surface-mounted recessed grill mats can be fitted on top of any floor without a recess.

That's because, as the name suggests, the recess is already constructed into the mat, whose top protrudes a little bit above the ground. Cleanup may be done at the end of the day while keeping staff, residents, and visitors safe all day. Dirt and moisture fall into the grill and land securely below the surface of the mat.

At Canada Mats, we provide recessed grill mats in a variety of styles to fit any building and price range. Our two mats with the highest sales are:


Matting for a gateway recessed well

By using Gateway alone, even the busiest pedestrian traffic flow areas will look their best, whilst internal floorings remain protected thus reducing cleaning costs. Purpose designed for interior use, Gateway is both slip resistant and wheelchair friendly. A choice of over 3 colour combinations offers the exact mix of aesthetic elegance and superior performance.

Used extensively in retail, commercial, educational and healthcare entrance areas, Gateway will complement any internal design scheme.

Gateway's open grid vinyl construction, effectively removes and retains soil and moisture from underfoot, is heel proof, will not impede walking sticks and prevents 'judder' of wheeled traffic.

The system is of one-piece vinyl construction and is therefore both quiet underfoot and ideal for use in conjunction with under floor security systems.

The Gateway Plus comes with carpet inserts to further increase the effectiveness of this matting.


Debris Trap Modular Recessed Well Mat With Carpet Inserts

Debris Trap Modular Recessed Well Mats are made with a tough PVC vinyl combined with absorbent polypropylene carpet inserts. These flexible and durable mats are designed to lie flat in recessed wells, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor areas with high foot traffic. The ideal combination of drying and scraping in an easily-installed snap-together format.

Canada Mats proudly offers the finest in commercial mats and floor covering products in the marketplace. All of our products are designed to provide safety, durability, and functionality in all types of environments.