10 Reasons why Underfloor Heating Mats are better

Radiant Heating is better than traditional heating methods like baseboard heating or forced air heating as it is more efficient at saving energy costs and distributing heat evenly. People with allergies also prefer radiant heat as it does not distribute allergens as forced air systems do. Moreover, it opens up the room and make it easier to decorate as there are no ugly baseboards there and that is why it is a hit with designers.
Underfloor heating Mats Underfloor heating Mats
Underfloor Heating Mats by Nuheat offer comfort and warmth to any room in the house or in business and can turn a chilly winter bearable with its superb heat.
  1. They can be easily installed over any type of floor like tiles, laminates, engineered hardwood and can be used in any place like kitchen, bathrooms, garages , office space, laundry rooms .
  2. These heated floor mats come in various sizes and can be customized for any room size.
  3. They make the room more accessible for decorating as there is no visible heating source like a baseboard so it offers freedom to decorate according to one's own choice.
  4. Furthermore, underfloor heating mats are safer as the source of heating is encased in layers of thinset so there is no chance of children and furniture or drapery coming in contact with heat.
  5. They are virtually maintenance free and are designed to last for a lifetime and that is why they are backed by a 25 year warranty.
  6. These underfloor heating mats come with a programmable thermostat which means now you can control to heat any room at the time you want and the temperature you want. Now you would be able to enjoy a morning shower without worrying about stepping into a cold bathroom.
  7. With underfloor heated mats, radiant heat is distributed evenly over the floor and there are no cold spots.That is why there is no need to hunch up over the place where there is more heat (usually by the baseboard).
  8. Underfloor heated mats are easy to install and mats have to encased in a layers of thinset.
  9. These heated mats offer consistent comfort in a chilly winter and the room stays cooler at ambient temperature.
  10. These floor heating mats are more efficient at saving energy as well heating costs. Zone heating can be done with the help of thermostat which means only specific areas can be targeted for heating reducing energy consumption without sacrificing quality of heating. Moreover, heating bills will be decreased as well as less energy will be consumed.
Floor Heated Mats Floor Heated Mats
That is why if you are going through a renovation, it is better to put underfloor heating mats by Nuheat in to make your room comfortable and warm with underfloor heating mats.