Warmup Snow Melting Mat

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Warmup systems are ideal to provide snow-free access to the house and prevent injuries on stairs and walkways. They are commonly used in concrete pours, asphalt driveways and paved walkways.

Mats are 2ft or 3ft wide and with a 3” cable spacing providing 50w/sqft for optimum results under even the harshest conditions

• Versatile installation in asphalt, concrete or under pavers
• Dual conductor cable, one-point connection
• Available in a wide range of lengths to suit your requirements
• Available in 2 ft and 3 ft wide rolls

• Operating voltage: 208, 240, 277 and 480V
• Output rating: 50W/sqft at 240V
• Rated to a maximum temperature of 464˚F (240˚C) under asphalt pours
• Cold tail length: 16’4”
• 10-Year Warranty

*all mats can be connected to 208V and 240V, single phase and 3 phase power. Please check our Technical Data Sheets for variations to Wattage output and Amperage Load under different Voltages.