Warmup Snow Melting Cables

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Warmup Snow Melting Cables
Warmup Snow Melting Cables

For custom layouts and spacing under concrete, pavers and asphalt pours.

Snow Melting Cables are the loose equivalent of the Mats. The cables are reinforced with advanced fluoropolymer coatings to form a cable jacket that can withstand traffic and setting material. Warmup’s Cables are completely grounded and safe for installation under asphalt, pavers, and concrete. Choose the loose format for stairs and off-shaped

• Operating voltage: 208, 240, 277 and 480V
• Output rating: 12W / linear foot at 240V
• Energy-efficient twin-conductor heating cable of 1/4”
• Wire jacket rated to take maximum asphalt pour temperatures of 464˚F (240˚C)
• Cold tail length: 16’4”
• 10-Year Warranty

• Versatile installation in asphalt, concrete or under pavers
• Flexible cable: quick and easy to install in every configuration
• Dual conductor cable, one-point connection
• Available in a wide range of lengths to suit your requirements

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How Do Heated Sidewalks Work?

On a cold winter morning a little heat outside goes a long way. A Warmup electric heated walkway system wired to an automated control is designed to be installed and virtually forgotten! At the first sign of moisture below freezing, the control will click the system on to heat the surface just above freezing. A Warmup snow melting system is designed to click on early so that it can ensure a snow and ice-free surface is maintained.

Heated Sidewalk Installation

The best time to install a heated walkway is during construction because the cables must be fully embedded in asphalt, concrete, sand, or fine gravel. It is important to embed the cables fully because our snow melting products reach maximum temperatures of 464°F. The material in which you embed our cable will play an important role as the conductor, distributing heat to ensure that the cable does not burn out.

Snow melting controllers

Warmup offers a wide range of outdoor controls designed to suit any project size. Whether you are heating a single residential walkway or an entire campus of sidewalks at a school or business we have an automated control set-up for you.

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