Marbleized Salon Mat


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  • Advanced closed-cell polymeric sponge design ensures unparalleled fatigue relief
  • Engineered for durability, ensuring lasting support through countless salon sessions
  • Superior resilience, making it the top choice for high-traffic salon environments
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat
Marbleized Salon Mat

The Marbleized Salon anti-fatigue mat provides the soft and resilient rebound properties needed in a rigorous Salon environment. The smooth surface provides the “pivot point ease” needed to facilitate the side-to-side movement required behind the chair, avoiding the stress on knees and ankles.

This mat demonstrates excellent resistance to many hair-care products. The smooth surface is very easy to clean and hair clipping do not cling due to the low static formulation,

Available in two (2) thicknesses, 1/2” & 7/8”.

Sleek and Supportive
Closed-Cell Polymeric Sponge Base

Constructed from a high-quality closed-cell polymeric sponge base, this mat promises not only visual delight but also unparalleled ergonomic relief.

As you stand or move, experience a cushioned embrace that reduces fatigue and shields against daily stress.

Our Salon Mat doesn't just look like marble; it combines its beauty with the ergonomic support essential for professionals.

Perfect for Diverse Salon Needs
Multi-Use Ease and Comfort

While its marbleized pattern oozes sophistication, its core functionality lies in delivering comfort to professionals throughout their workday.

From the buzzing hairstyling stations to the tranquil spa corners, our mat ensures consistent comfort.

✅ Hairdressing stations
✅ Makeup artist booths
✅ Spa treatment rooms
✅ Nail technician tables
✅ Barber shops

Stand in style, work with ease

Salon Mats

"Experience the fusion of style and support in every salon task with our Marbleized Mat.


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