K-Series Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats

K-Series Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats


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  • Made with resilient rubber, minimize fatigue during long-standing hours
  • Grease-resistant rubber material stands up to tough industrial environments
  • Designed for multi-purpose use perfect for kitchens and commercial areas

Made of resilient rubber that helps minimize the fatigue of long-standing important in today´s stress-conscious work place. 

Surface texture helps prevent slippnig while dirt trapping. Multi-nib back adds to comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness. 

Built-in connector strip on two sides of mat makes it easy to add on mats for coverage of areas with regular proportions. Grease-resistant rubber stands up to machine tool cutting fluids and similar liquids found in industrial and commercial environments. 

Bevel strips available in "safety yellow" and black.

    Heavy Duty - Single Sponge Mats 9/16" Thick

    Colors: Solid Black mat, Black and Yellow bevels. 5/8" Thick.


    App. Wt.

    36" x 36" Mat

    19.0 lbs.

    36" x 60" Mat

    30.0 lbs.

    3´ Bevel Strip Male

    2.0 lbs.

    3´ Bevel Strip Female

    2.0 lbs.

    5´ Bevel Strip Male

    3.0 lbs.

    5´ Bevel Strip Female

    3.0 lbs.

    40" Bevel Strip Male w/ corner

    2.0 lbs.

    40" Bevel Strip Female w/ corner

    2.0 lbs.

    Grease-Resistant and Easy to Clean
    Made with Durable Rubber

    Our K-Series Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats are expertly crafted with durable rubber, providing a comfortable and supportive surface that helps reduce fatigue during long-standing tasks.

    Thanks to the grease-resistant rubber material, these mats effortlessly withstand the challenges of industrial and commercial settings, including exposure to machine tool cutting fluids and other liquids.

    Cleaning is a breeze, making maintenance a hassle-free process.

    Stay comfortable and safe in wet environments with our Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats.

    Designed to provide excellent drainage and slip resistance, these mats are perfect for use in kitchens, food processing areas, and other wet workspaces.

    For Industrial and Commercial Use
    Comfortable and Slip-Resistant

    The surface texture is designed to prevent slips and effectively drains water enhancing safety and cleanliness in busy kitchen environments.

    These mats come with a multi-nib back, ensuring optimal drainage and maintaining a hygienic workspace.

    ✅ Commercial Kitchens
    ✅ Food Processing Facilities
    ✅ Manufacturing Plants
    ✅ Packaging Areas
    ✅ Warehouses and Distribution Centers

    Reliable Protection Against Moisture and Fatigue

    Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

    With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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