Warmup Insulation Boards

Warmup Insulation Boards


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Insulation boards are ideal for use with electric underfloor heating as they prevent the heat from the heating system escaping downwards to the subfloor. The Warmup Insulation Boards do not let the heat pass through from the heater to the subfloor. Therefore the heat gets pushed upwards, onto the floor surface where you want the heat to go. It is recommended to always carry out a heat loss calculation if you are considering buying an electric underfloor heating system to understand how well your house is currently insulated and how big the heat loss is in your home.

Insulation boards always improve the efficiency of your underfloor heating system by allowing a quicker heat up time, when no heat is getting wasted by going downwards away from the floor surface.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards are manufactured from water-resistant extruded polystyrene, finished on both faces with a thin layer of fiberglass reinforced cement. The insulation boards are 1/4″ thick and are sold in boxes of 6 to cover 48 square feet.

The 0.5mm thick cement coating provides an excellent surface for tile adhesive and leveling compounds, with no priming required.

Size 2’x4’x¼” (600mm x 1250mm x 6mm)
Weight 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg)
Thermal resistance R-Value 1.08 (m2K/W, SI units)
Compressive strength 36 psi (0.40 N/mm²)
Water Absorption (Capillary) Nil
Flammability flame spread < 20
Thermal conductivity 0.23 BTU in/hr.F
Approvals cULus