Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick Membrane


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Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick Membrane
Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick Membrane

The TCNA-tested DCM-PRO anti-fracture Membrane is available in peel-and-stick or fleece-backed and can be installed on wood and cement subfloors using any tile adhesive. The patented DCM-PRO design allows for more cable to adhesive contact, ultimately distributing heat more evenly. There is no waiting required after installation so you can begin laying the flooring immediately. 

• Installs in minutes with self-adhesive backing.
• No thinset required
• Ideal for installation over plywood, concrete, or WIB
• Best for remodels and multi-units for fast installation
• Tile immediately • 40% savings on labor and material
• Doesn’t roll back: no memory
• Increased thinset-to-cable contact for more efficient heating 

the dcm-pro system

A comprehensive electric underfloor heating system that combines a Heating Cable with an anti-fracture Membrane


Due to load-bearing weight and structural subfloor movement, floor finishes can get damaged and tiles are especially prone to cracking. The DCM-PRO Membrane’s innovative uncoupling design results in significant protection for tiled flooring by creating a new layer between the subfloor and the floor finish.

The Membrane is available in two options, fleece-backed or peel-and-stick, offering great versatility for your installation preference. Both membranes can be used with the DCM-PRO Heating Cable for efficient underfloor heating.

dcm-pro peel-and-stick membrane

With an effective self-adhesive backing, Warmup’s DCM-PRO Peel-and-Stick membrane does not require any tile adhesive for it to be firmly attached to the subfloor. Simply peel off the backing from the membrane and stick into position. The DCM-PRO Peel-and-Stick membrane offers a quick and hassle-free installation of Warmup Underfloor Heating and can be installed by a qualified electrician or tiler in as little as 30 minutes.

dcm-pro fleece-backed membrane

The DCM-PRO Fleece-backed Membrane features a fleece backing which can be used with any thinset to create a strong connection between the subfloor and the Membrane. The TCNA-tested Membrane can be installed on wood and cement subfloors or Insulation Boards. It provides a quick and easy installation when used as part of the DCM-PRO Uncoupling System.

dcm-pro cable

The DCM-PRO Heating Cable is durable and flexible. It’s ETFE inner jacket allows for high heat output while it’s PVC outer sleeve protects for a smooth installation. The DCM-PRO Heating cable is suitable for use with both Membrane options.

The DCM-PRO Membrane’s castellations make fitting the Heating Cable easy, quick, and tool free! The DCM-PRO Membrane protects the secured cable from any potential damage during installation – leading to a reduced risk of cable failures.

Cable spacing can vary or rotate for the highest flexibility in heat outputs to accomplish anything from Comfort Heating to Primary Heating.

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