Chevron Carpet Mats

Chevron Carpet Mats


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Estimated Ship Date: 21 June 2023 - 24 June 2023

Chevron Carpet Mats provide distinctive styling and easy maintenance in one mat. Popular Chevron carpet design scrapes debris from shoes regardless of the traffic flow. Chevron is the perfect choice for any medium traffic areas including entranceways and lobbies. High quality carpeting sculptured in a distinctive herringbone pattern. Hi-lo carpeting of 100% polypropylene brushes dirt and moisture off shoes-for later "Shake out" cleaning or vacuuming. Exceptionally durable. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Heavy duty vinyl base is slip and stain-resistant.


Weight Ea.

2´ x 3´

4.7 lbs.

3´ x 4´

9.4 lbs.

3´ x 5´

11.7 lbs.

3´ x 6´

14.0 lbs.

3´ x 10´

23.4 lbs.

3´ x 20´

46.8 lbs.

4´ x 6´

18.7 lbs.

4´ x 8´

25.0 lbs.

4´ x 20´

62.4 lbs.



Rolls 5/8" Thick and Cut Lengths



Price per Lin. Ft.

3´ x 60´

2.3 lbs.


4´ x 60´

3.0 lbs.


6´ x 60´

4.5 lbs.



Mats can be seamed, 20% net charge added to cut length pricing
Based on material used, not finished size of mat
Seamed from 3´, 4´, or 6´wide material. Same Width pieces are used to assure color match


Capture dirt and debris

Prevent dirt and dust from being tracked indoors, keep indoor floors and carpets clean, moisture free and safe for everyone.

Effective scraping

Wipe and scrape footwear clean, maintain a professional environment and communicate attention to detail in your workplace.

easy cleaning

Simply hose the mat with water and hang dry; use vacuum and extraction cleaning methods as needed.

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