4IE Smart Programmable Thermostat
4IE Smart Programmable Thermostat
4IE Smart Programmable Thermostat

4IE Smart Programmable Thermostat


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The 4iE is a Smart thermostat that works with you to provide an optimal, cost-effective and energy-efficient heating system. For use with electric underfloor heating systems and electric baseboard heat, the 4iE does not require programming and uses Warmup’s latest technologies to ensure your home is always at the desired temperature, at the right time.

The 4iE® was built so you wouldn’t have to touch it. It acts as a room-based control feature when you need to adjust the heat in a pinch, but most adjustments are made automatically via the self-learning and SmartGeo™ features.

The 4iE® will learn from your manual inputs and create a schedule based on those. That’s the self-learning feature of the 4iE®. The real innovation lies in the SmartGeo™ capability, which uses your cell phone location to determine whether you need heat or not. And from there too, it deducts a schedule.

You never have to touch the thermostat. It will know whether you’re there or not, and whether you would like it warmer or not. Not only is it a dramatic shift in comfort, but it is a significant source of savings for the end-user.

The 4iE® is ideal for use with line voltage heating sources such as baseboards and electric underfloor heating systems.

You can use the unit to control Warmup electric underfloor systems up to 15 amps. Built-in 15A can be extended with RL-240-25A and RL-120-25A relays for an additional 25A load switching capability.

Warmup’s 4iE Smart Thermostat for underfloor heating is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with glass effect front faces and beveled chrome edges. Featuring a clear, full-color touchscreen that can be customized with different themes.

The 4iE Smart Thermostat offers special features such as SmartGeo™, the weather forecast, a changeable background picture. The 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat can be controlled via a phone, tablet, and desktop. To get started, make sure to download the MyHeating app from your app store. Here is what else comes with the WiFi version of the 4iE thermostat:


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